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An article published on my blog about how Internet is changing the way people look at the real world, and which is the risk: «Internet killed the paperback star»

Dario de Judicibus

PS: Article is in English language, blog in Italian one. Feel free to write your comments in English, Italian, French, or Spanish.

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Did you read the article? A lot of people is beginning to think that if you can't find something or someone in Internet by Google, it/he/she does not exist!
Great article.

I enjoyed it and it brought up an interesting situation. I have a presence on the Internet but if it were not for the web many people would not even know I exist except in my circle of friends,
co-workers or the organizations to which I belong. I have done searches like your examples and came to the conclusion that If it did not come up in the results it did not exist. While like you say that this situation may not change we must somehow adapt to the issue which you have identified. How to do this I am not sure. There are many books which offer other methods to become recognized without the web and this may be an option for many to become recognized. I recently bought a book through the web I found it offers many non-web resources for marketing. We must use all the resources at our disposal not just the Internet to get our information to those who may be interested in it.

Thanks for a great article.


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