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If you're not a member at Shelfair ( I'd suggest you become one. It has the most avid bookreaders that you'll find (along with a lot of authors (who don't seem to buy many books) This is a slick site started by Amazon. You can even add your books to your shelf and get some publicity that way.

I have started a group on that site you all might be interested in:
I am listing software tools for readers and writers (some I am writing and some I've found). I'd love to have other people chip in and mention their favorite little utilities that help them be productive.

If you join (or are a member) - please invite me to be your friend!!

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I have used shelfari a little, along with Library Thing and other sites that let you list your book for free. But I have yet to really explore all of its possibilities - sounds like you have found the place useful. What sort of software tools are you talking about? For writing? For publishing?


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I posted the info on Shelfari and links at other sites so people could see each tool in its own thread within a group.
I am creating many of the writing software tools myself. First one analyzes the manuscript to look for overuse of words, missing quote marks, etc. I will also add the capability of versioning the manuscripts - so that if something happens to your document - if you've checked it into the library - you have a copy of it at that point in time. Publishing tools? Don't know what to do in that arena. Promotion tools is a more likely candidate.


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