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June 6 – D Day. The momentous morning on which the Allied soldiers fooled the Germans and established a beachhead on the European continent will forever live in historical legend It was a bold and daring surprise attack that led to the beginning of the end of the Third Reich.
Today is June 6th again – sixty-four years later. Another bold and daring attack is being launched today, and you are among the first humans to find out about it. D-Day takes on new meaning for Sword of the Spirit Publishing as this newborn company attempts to bring down strongholds of the little D – aka the Devil, Satan, Beelzebub, the Serpent, and etcetera. God has a plan for the world, and it's no secret that Satan's plan is to thwart God's blueprints for human life. He has launched battles on many fronts in an attempt to frustrate the Creator of the universe and destroy men's lives and souls. From my viewpoint, people either try to give Satan too much credit or not enough. We're taking the middle ground. It is time to acknowledge that he is a potent adversary, and he does go about as a lion seeking whom he can devour. Our goal is to ensure that lion goes hungry.
The specialty of the house will be hard hitting books that expose sin for what it is and seek to discover truth in all aspects of life. Relevant doses of humor, romance, and adventure will be included in the recipes, but no book without a moral or spiritual message will carry our logo.
Our first new offering will launch on Friday the 13th. Reforming the Potter's Clay by Donald James Parker is a duel between magick and miracles. The power of God is manifested by a group of twelve to fourteen-year-old kids of a variety of ethnic backgrounds who allow the Holy Spirit to have reign in their life as they clash with the counterfeit powers of the world of the occult, including the power wielded by the fictional boy wunderkind with spectacles.
We are an equal opportunity publisher. We will irritate everybody at some point in time. For some we will be like the grain of sand that penetrates the oyster's shell, causing the formation of a beautiful pearl. For others, we'll the raspberry seed in their wisdom tooth. Future offerings will draw a bulls-eye on a false religion, masquerading as science, called Darwinism and sexual immorality. Other topics to be explored in the future include aging, prejudice, obesity, snobbery, homelessness, gambling, and popular Christian doctrines consisting of the antithesis of what Jesus really taught. The common thread through all of these books will be real and lovable characters who make the reader laugh and cry as they struggle through this hard experience called life, seeking to find purpose and truth, and in doing so expose the readers to decisions about their own lives.
Please visit our website at . If you sign our guestbook (see Contact page), you will be entered for a drawing for a free copy of Reforming the Potter's Clay – winner to be determined on Friday the 13th.
God bless you!

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Sounds like you have a very strong mission for your new publishing company. All the best.


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Thanks, Peter!

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