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Ideas on creating new information / entertainment regularly for your site

I Joined this network in July. Since then I have received many tips from BMN friends about setting up a site. The bookstore now has one website set up and being improved upon daily. Another website for a wider readership is under construction- to launch in the Fall. The challenge is going to be updating with new pieces. What do you do to provide regular new content?

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I have a web site which has over 100 pages. I constantly look at information that I receive from other sites and this network and determine what information fits my theme and purpose. I would take the advice from others on this network and look at what fits your theme and purpose of each of the sites. I find myself constantly thinking of new information that I can offer other writers and work to add it to my site. A web site must be continually updated with new information to keep it moving up in the search engine ranking. Also adding your site to others or providing links to higher ranked sites helps the standing in the search engines.

I do not know if you are up to writing articles but I have found an increase in visitors to my site with posting articles on the American Chronicle web site. In little more than a year I have received over 30,000 hits to my articles and they currently receive around 100 hits per day. Check out my site and see the information that I have worked to add and the kind of resources I have provided. It may help you in your quest to updating your site with new pieces giving you some ideas.

Hope this helps
Hello Dennis,
Thank your for your reply. I browsed your website and found the valuable information and resources provided about links,etc. very helpful. I write as a columnist on the Expat page for a national newspaper in Turkey . You may enjoy reading is the link:
Look forward to following your updates.
Best wishes!


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