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How many times have you looked into a way to market you book and found that it didn't agree with you wallet? How many hours have you spent networking, emailing, and attended events hoping to make a few sells... only to find that your books are becoming better at collecting dust than being read?

When I first committed to writing and getting published I knew that my marketing budget was shoestring at best, so I got creative.

I'll be the first to admit that guerilla marketing does work. But it is a lot of work and not scalable.

I've spent years guerilla marketing to save money. I've done the free events, social media, YouTube videos, cards pinned to cork boards, notes left in novels at the store, and on and on and on... and even though I've built my collection up to 6 children's books, 3 short horror audio stories, and 1 produced short horror film, I still find that my marketing budget isn't enough to produce real results.

Then I found Asirvia Go.

As I was growing my own business I stumbled across proximity marketing and saw how it has been huge in generating leads for small businesses. I was so blown away by it that I immediately skipped past being a customer and joined as an affiliate. Right away I started to see people interested and signing up.

Shortly after launching as an affiliate it dawned on me that this marketing technology would be the ultimate guerilla marketing tactic for an author and I needed to share.

Asirvia Go is a small proximity beacon about the size of a key fob that utilizes Google's "Nearby" Bluetooth feature used by Android devices. 

It gives you the marketing power of a 40 character message with a clickable link appearing on EVERY Bluetooth enabled Android device within 100 yards, 24-7, EVERYWHERE you GO.

So how can you use the Asirvia Go to market your book?

You simply create a short blub about your book and then have the link send the Android user to either your buy page, a landing page, or even better a short book trailer video. Then just carry the Go unit with you everywhere you go or hide it in a high traffic area.

Imagine the marketing power if you could get your book noticed by thousands of people every month without having to do anything more than you already do. What if you took your Go unit to a game, the beach, a writers expo, the mall? What if you have several family and friends also carrying a Go unit for you?

The value is unreal.

For a limited time, Asirvia Go is offering their units at 50% off... making your marketing budget for one unit only $25 a month... that's as little as roughly $0.83 a day to reach thousands of people.

And as if that wasn't cool enough, you can join as an affiliate and market the Go unit to other authors you know or businesses you use and create a whole new income stream for yourself. 

Want to learn more? Visit:

Asirvia Go


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