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Profligate playboys,
parading on the prowl..
Living out the American dream,
in their built to thrill Buicks.
Nude pictures on billboards,
the penthouse mania.

Addiction to pornography
hinders healthy development.
But this is one opinion of another preacher
from the old school of thought.
The perversity of the times.

I see them in your ghettoes America,
those poor teenage kids,
turned outcasts by your overcivilized society.
Sniffing cocaine and the hard psychedelic acids.
For trips into the world of make believe reality,
the good life way beyond their grasp.

And I see your infants in play,
suckling at their toy atom bombs.
And to calm their fears of the communist threat,
your sons drown their anxieties with illicit Russian vodka.
and vent their anger on your Mammon of computerized gadgets

Ah, your women with their western sophistication,
stalking the fancy shops along the boulevards.
In their star studded designer shoes.
Hustling for fun and the quick dollar.
Miami, Texas, Dallas, the fast paced din.
But no one knows where the dreams end
and the nightmares begin.

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