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May you share your knowledge or experiences about book fair.

Would you like to attend again? What's the benefit? and many more...(but you know that)...


I would be glad to know. I believe it will be an interesting story to those who have no or less knowledge or not experienced it as it seems it will be - to me.

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I actually wrote a blog post about this. EXPOS, Bookfairs and more

What I didn't cover in the post is the following from an author point of view.

Book Fairs - Usually only sell from 8-15 books in a 3 hours period depending on what kind of fair it is

Booksignings - Bookstores typically pre-purchase the book, so sign them and they typically don't return them. For my signings they purchase 20 books

Book Expos - (events sponsored by organizations) this also is where you will typically sell 8-15 books

With all of these venues you aren't there to really sell tons of books, its for networking and exposure. Most of the books we sell have been purchased by libraries, bookstores and by online customers.

So if you have to pay money to participate in the events above, know what you are there for and you won't get dissappointed.
I'll see your blog post.
This is a great knowledge. So, would not it be good if you add this to your blog?
Thank you for the knowledge and caution you gave us.

Book fair are commonly held to promote books new books and increase the sale of old books. If you are a novice in authoring books, or if you are in the book publishing industry, book fairs give you a fair chance to let people know about your arrival on the author’s brigade or increase your contacts within the industry.Fairs also provide you with the opportunity to engage in reading with your kids and tune in to their passions.Visit at here to see book promotion venues


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