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With the firing of Deidre and Drake with only more to come for budgetary concerns, Ken Corday is announcing the death of Days of Our Lives. It is not the actors or crew who have brought Days to the brink of cancellation, but the bad writing, the corruption of beloved characters and the endless triangles. The fans want Days to go back to the basics of romance, suspense, drama and humor. Corday Productions produced a show few people wanted to watch and couldn’t understand why the ratings tanked.

If money is Corday’s main concern, it is the perfect way to get his attention. These are sweeps weeks. Ratings are calculated and recorded not only daily but hourly,. It’s this rapid return that can be turned to the fans’ favor. For the rest of the week, boycott Days. The storylines suck anyway. If there is a rapid, sudden drop in ratings Corday will be held accountable.

If you want to complain I have the contact information on my blog at

This is what it was suppose to say.

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