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I am finding out now, that some book stores won't look at your book if you are self published.  They want you to be picked up by a national book publisher, not Xlibris or distributed by Ingram.


Wow, how do you go about it?

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Check out how KL Brady did this.
She tells how she got her Indie book in stores:
And how she did it:
First you decide which route you want to go with being published. Do you wanna go through commercial publishing AKA big houses and medium, small print presses or do you wanna go epublishing?

If you hope to be picked up by a large house (one of the big six), you first will have to try to get an agent. You will need to query an agent and if you are lucky in finding one, they will submit your book to publishers.

If you prefer to go to mid-size or smaller presses, a lot of them accept queries and submissions straight from the authors. Few smaller pubs require agents.

If you want to try epublishing, you submit your work to the epub of your choice. Just follow guidelines.

I also recommend that no matter how you hope to publish, you do all you can to get your manuscript up to a professional level because it's hard to get published and you're gonna be competing with LOTS of other writers, unpublished and previously published as well.

Also, remember it's a gamble. Be up on your game. Know your genre, your audience and establish a solid platform.

Why don't you check out my articles for aspiring writers. You can find links on my homepage. Maybe they will help you.

Best Wishes!


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