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Thanks to support and votes from you, I was just awarded a Covey, one of the few and best known awards for book videos, for IMAGINARY LINES.

I got 46% of the votes out of a field of 20, so you can tell your support really did some good.

If you haven't seen the video, I'd suggest you take a look on the Covey awards page, if for no other reason than to see some beautiful artwork by Victor Cauduro, one of Mexico's finest living artists.

IMAGINARY LINES is available on, and at discount on theAdoro Books site.

(One cool thing about this: it makes a nice endorsement for my eBook on making book promo videos for free, available HERE.

Thanks once again, folks!

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Thanks Linda
Like I say, I owe this all to you folks who voted for me.

Let me suggest that you enter your Grandma's Computer video. It's nice artwork and certainly has a chance at winning.


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