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Just the Juicy Parts - highly erotic but with classy explicit detail

Hello Everyone,

I am a new erotic writer who loves what I do and can't wait to share my fantasies with the world! My first book Just the Juicy Parts (Heterosexual Encounters Vol. I) is the first of many, many to come and is available for free on Amazon until tomorrow 1/3/14.  


Have you ever dog-eared the pages of the sexy scenes in a steamy romance novel so you could go back to reread them later? Have you ever picked up a romance novel and flipped through the pages to search out only the love scenes? If so, then this book is for you! Just the Juicy Parts is compiled of romantic, erotic love stories, brimming with the sexy details of romance and the intimate interactions that everyone secretly loves to read about! From romantic to raunchy, Just the Juicy Parts has something for every adult thirsty for sultry stimulation. Trade places with the characters and find yourself escaping to an erotic paradise on every page. Just the Juicy Parts will keep you rousingly engaged from start to finish!

Grab it here free today:

You can also read a review on Goodreads at:

I am so proud and excited about my book, not only did I write and self publish it but that is my face on the cover with a photo I personally took!  If anyone is interested in swapping reviews I'd love to hear from you. Email me at:

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Hi H.M. Christi,

I just sampled your teaser opening chapter. Wow! You don't waste anytime, do you? You deliver on your promise. It is not the type of 'Fantasy' I am used to reading, but I would not mind if scenes like that were incorporated into the genres I usually read!

Hope you sell lots of books!


Thank you for taking the time to check out my book!  I really appreciate that and yes jumping right into the good stuff was my goal for this book,I'm hoping people like it!  



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