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I looked around and could not find a forum on this, so decided to create one. This is the section to share your kindle books that are on FREE or 0.99$ promotion and request for downloads and reviews. 

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FREE today: Third Time Fatal by Roger Ormerod.

It was supposed to be a happy day. 

But when Philipa Lowe arrives at the wedding of her childhood friend Heather she finds the wedding postponed, the bride in tears, the groom missing. 

Philipa begins a desperate search to find the reluctant groom. 

Arriving at his home, she draws back the covers of his bed to find a body. That of a naked, female corpse. 

Meanwhile, the groom returns and the couple are wed in Philipa’s absence. 

At the airport, Martin is arrested. 

But the charge is not murder... 

Where was Martin on the night before his wedding, and who was the woman found in his bed? 

In order to protect her close friend’s marriage, Philipa must get close to the suspect to uncover his past, and prove his innocence. 

But how close? 

And could this be third time fatal? 

Click here to download.

FREE today: Spoils of Olympus: By the Sword by Christian Kachel

322 B.C. 

The Macedonian Empire is on the verge of civil war following the sudden death of Alexander the Great. 

As a boy Andrikos watched as Alexander's army marched through his homeland of Greek Ionia after defeating the Persians at the Granicus River. 

Soon he will be embroiled in their world - and forced forced to flee his old life. 

Thrust into the army, Andrikos struggles to cope with the brutal training, as Alexander's surviving generals seek to divide and conquer the spoils of Olympus. 

But Andrikos is not destined to be a nameless soldier. 

By chance he is chosen for a clandestine mission - and is immersed in a world of intrigue, violence and brotherhood. 

The path that lies ahead of Andrikos requires him to shed his immaturity and take on the responsibilities and emotions of a man beyond his years. 

‘The Spoils of Olympus: By the Sword’ is a historical epic which follows the advancements of one soldier from boy to man during a time of increasing political and military unrest for Greece and Macedonia. 

‘Kachel effortlessly blends history with intrigue, gore and romance to ensure that his tale keeps you on your toes until the very end.’ - Paul Bannister, author of ‘Arthur Britannicus’. 

Click here to download.

FREE today: Wellington: A Military Life by Gordon Corrigon

"Next to a battle lost, the greatest misery is a battle gained." - Wellington 

The Duke of Wellington, the most successful of British commanders, set a standard by which all subsequent British generals have been measured. 

His defeat of Napoleon at Waterloo in 1815 crowned a reputation first won in India at Assaye and then confirmed during the Peninsular War, where he followed up his defense of Portugal by driving the French from Spain. 

Gordon Corrigan, himself an ex-soldier, examines Wellington’s claims to greatness. 

Wellington was in many ways the first modern general, combining a mastery of logistics with an ability to communicate with and inspire men of all ranks. 

He had to contend not only with enemy armies but also with his political masters and an often skeptical public at home. 

'Wellington: A Military Life' is a brilliant examination of one of Britain's most important historical figures. 

Click here to download.

FREE TODAY Hal Grant's War by Philip McCormac

When Hal Grant’s father is killed in the street a full-blown war is set to explode. 

The wealthy ranchers of Lundon County are determined to take the law into their own hands and rid the county of the sharecroppers, nesters and sodbusters eking out an existence on the marginal lands. 

As the heir to the Big G, the richest ranch in the county, Hal should have sided with his fellow ranchers. 

But his sympathies are with the underdogs, for he does not believe in mob law and vigilante justice. 

Hal is caught in the middle. 

But no one is allowed to sit on the fence in a conflagration that is consuming a county. 

Hal is forced to fight for his life as well as the survival of his ranch… 

Click here to download.

FREE TODAY Grant: The Man Who Won the Civil War by Robin Neillands

Sam Grant made famous the expression ‘unconditional surrender’, which is how most of his campaigns ended — for his opponents. 

A hard-drinking soldier in a hard-drinking army, he led the Union armies to victory, first in the West and then in the East, eventually compelling the main Confederate army under Robert E. Lee to surrender at Appomattox in 1865. 

Yet at the beginning of the Civil War no one, least of all the man himself, anticipated that Grant would lead the Union forces to victory. 

Ulysses S. Grant was a failure as a pre-war soldier. His subsequent business career was even worse. His emergence as a successful general and eventual promotion to Commander-in-Chief is a stunning example of how a soldier's peacetime career sometimes gives no indication of how he will perform in a major war. 

Grant's advance down the Mississippi realized General Scott’s ‘Anaconda’ plan and ultimately cut the Confederacy in half. His capture of Vicksburg, just as Robert E. Lee's invasion of the North was halted at Gettysburg, spelt the end for the Confederacy. 

Yet Grant's battles in 1864 cost the Union army dearly and he has never quite shaken off the reputation as a ‘butcher’ who bludgeoned down the Army of Northern Virginia by sheer weight of numbers. 

Robin Neillands investigates how and why Grant emerged from pre-war obscurity and whether his ultimate victory was won by brains or brawn. 

Robin Neillands is the author of several acclaimed works on the First World War including ‘The Death of Glory’, ‘The Great War Generals on the Western Front’, ‘Attrition: The Great War on the Western Front, 1916’ and ‘The Old Contemptibles’. 

Click here to download.

FREE today: A Change of Pace by Virginia Budd.

When Bet is left reeling by the death of her husband she longs for a fresh start. 

Bet’s answer seems to come from her family who suggest a move from London to rural Suffolk. 

The only catch is that Bet must share a house with her with her daughter Nell, son in law Bernie and her difficult sister Pol and brother in law Pete. 

The rest of the family begin to settle into the slower pace of village life but Bet struggles until she meets the dark and charming Simon Morris, the cousin of a local landowner. 

Despite his bad reputation and her family’s objections they begin a love affair. 

As she becomes the talk of the town Bet finds a ‘no strings’ relationship hard to deal with. 

She starts to ask herself some difficult questions. 

Is the handsome Simon capable of commitment? 

Is Bet capable of starting again? 

Or is she just kidding herself? 

'A Change of Pace' is a moving drama about love, loss and starting again. 

Click here to download.

Still great ebook here. Thank you for sharing the free ebook.

FREE Christmas without Holly by Nicole Yeager

Click here to download.

Christmas is a time for pampering yourself. 

At least, that is what Holly Nightingale thinks. 

A hard-working nurse, she has given herself an early Christmas gift - three days at Willows, a posh health farm in Surrey. 

She's looking forward to day after day of skin treatments, dips in the hot tub, and relaxing sessions with the handsome masseurs. 

But not everything is perfect. 

Her fiancé Clive is working in Hong Kong. 

But why does he spend so much time in the Far East? What is he up to? 

As Holly sits by the spa with the pampered, unfaithful wives of the Home Counties, she starts to wonder what kind of married life she is about to embark on. 

And maybe Clive will end up spending Christmas without Holly? 

'Christmas Without Holly' is a sparkling seasonal romantic comedy - a warm, moving tale, that manages to be funny, while also reminding the reader that Christmas is a time to reflect on life and where it is going. 

FREE The Battle of Trafalgar by Geoffrey Bennett

Click here to download.


Off the Cape of Trafalgar, an epic sea battle was taking place which will be remembered throughout history. 

The battle of Trafalgar has now passed into national mythology. 

The expertise, courage and determination and confidence which gave Britain a victory of spectacular finality in October 1805 also provided her with one of her great legendary figures – a naval hero in life but much more like a national, if secular, saint in death. 

However like the noise and smoke of battle, legends have a habit of obscuring facts and having lodged into the popular imagination are transcribed to history books. 

In this masterly history, Geoffrey Bennett sets the battle in the context of the world-wide struggle of Napoleon, describes the ships, their crews and the tactics of the action. 

In his scholarly but immensely readable account of the battle he discusses the preparatory manoeuvres and the mechanics of naval warfare in the age of sail. 

Death on a Sunday Morning by JF Straker

Click here to download.

A bank in a country town is robbed in the dead of night, and a couple left mercilessly locked inside the vault. 

Meanwhile, in a small village, a car explodes into smithereens. 

The two passengers are violently killed, as well as an innocent passer-by. 

In another village, a woman is kidnapped from her beautiful house, and subsequently found splayed on a bed in a tiny attic, strangled to death. 

With three cases on their hands, each the more puzzling than the next, the police begin to realise that these deaths are intrinsically linked. 

But their investigations are hampered by the kidnapped woman’s husband. 

He spins a sprawling web of lies to avoid incriminating himself elsewhere. 

The final face-off and bitter conflict between two groups of criminals leads to a grim and grisly denouement in an isolated riverside cottage. 

'Death on a Sunday Morning' is a fast-paced crime thriller that promises to grip readers from the first page to the last. 

FREE A Knife for Harry Dodd

Click here to download.

Harry Dodd is stabbed in the back on his way home from the pub. 

But instead of calling for the police, he summoned his mistress and her mother to fetch him. 

When Inspector Littlejohn and his colleague, Cromwell, are called in to investigate they find themselves with a mystery on their hands—one with layers of intrigue that takes them into the heart of a family riven with conflicts.

And when the victim’s lawyer and father both meet similarly suspicious ends, it becomes clear that someone is desperate to cover their tracks, and conceal their web of lies. 

From a local asylum to a gentleman’s club, and with false alibis given at every turn, the detectives find themselves becoming more confused at every turn… 

Who stabbed Harry Dodd? 

And who was responsible for the mysterious murders that followed his death? 

‘A Knife for Harry Dodd' is a classic detective mystery by one of the masters of the genre. 

FREE Peep Show by Faith Bleasdale

Click here to download.

Tanya is a wannabe producer with big dreams. 

Harvey is an LA film guru with a big idea. 

When the two of them meet, sparks are about to fly. 

Ambition meets avarice and somehow a film is born, starring Tanya and her unsuspecting housemates. 

Three boys and two girls are thrown together with their many, various hang-ups still fully intact, as the ultimate peep show begins. 

But the action is slow and Tanya is desperate... so she decides to turn their lives into one hell of a performance. 

And no matter how bad it gets, you just can't help but watch. 

Faith Bleasdale's third novel is a sharp, clever, often hilarious look at society's current obsession with watching other people's lives in the name of entertainment. 


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