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I would love some feedback on how publishers of free eBooks make money? Are you simply using AdSense to display banner advertising on the site that displays your book? How is that working for you? What is the average click through rate you get? What are the other monetization options?

thanks and appreciate your responses.

Swati @ Install Monetizer

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I think adsense is one way in making money on your ebook. Also some good paid ads especially when you have these traffic.

Michael thanks for your reply. Are you an eBook publisher? Would an additional revenue stream other than adsense or paid ads be interesting? I am launching a product and am looking for feedback.


It would be a good start to have adsense, and its easier to set-up too. I also think that have some paid advertisement to your page would be great too especially you have tons of downloads and visitors.

I agree with Michael on this



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