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If you are looking for to really get your book out there market with a celeb.


For $100 a celeb will take a pic with your book and put your link on the site and it will get a review in our magazine


and viewed by other celebs and also people who maybe interested in this.


check out what Johnny Tan did with his book.

although it was an interview about her book he got great responses on the net.  and featured


also on the red carpet emmy prime time awards gifting lounges


when mentioned by her in her newsletter.


all you have to do is registered as a member at


send a copy of your book to our office.  Our founder and celeb will review your book and market it.


it is a great way. She is recognized along with donald trump and zig ziglar


she is 2010 emmy nominee for two categories in community and public service


she has 5 medals in sports and fitness and was on the olympic committee and a former congressional chairwoman


it is a great opp.  and you are supporting military families also who are artists and athletes



official book series site



your book should be related to fitness, self growth, fashion, celebs or styles.


we are also seeking writers to writer about her and help promote in return get SCENE and earn


you can visit

and become her PR


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