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For a writer working with a small press, what is the best way to get your book into bookstores? I have a consignment contract created, but is it best to go to every prospective bookstore or is there a central POC for such information? Thanks in advance.

D. L. Russell
Hell is an Awfully Big City

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Hi D.L.

Congratulations but I am confused. If you are with a small press, why are you the one worrying about getting the books in the stores? Did you sign with a press with no distribution? If so there is absolutely nothing you can do to get your books in stores nationwide. The most you can do is take some around to local bookstores and ask them if they will stock a few in the "local" author area. Most say no though. If you do get your book in your local stores, they will most likely give you a deal where you have to take the books off their hands if they don't sell in a certain amount of time.

If you self-published, then it's the same thing. Self-published books do not get in stores. That's the biggest drawback of self-publishing, no distribution. Bookstores will not stock a SP book. And if you are with a small press, didn't they outline in the contract that your books wouldn't be in stores? Most reputable small presses tell you that right away.

Without distribution a book doesn't get nationwide exposure in bookstores.

Best Wishes!

They are a very small press and have very little marketing, yes. Online sales is what they focus on. I have gotten the book into several independent bookstores since my post, but I wanted to know more things I could do.

Is there a way you think they can work with you? Like if you provided them some unique ideas to marketing, maybe they could help out? What you can do is try to get as many book reviews as you can. That will be good promotion and you will get people more aware of the book.

Do an online search for book reviewers and bloggers who review the types of books you've written. They can post reviews for you on Amazon and that would help you. Do not skip this step. Reviews are extremely important to all authors. But to get the book in stores nationwide is probably a lost cause with this publisher. If the pub can't do it then there is nothing you can do. You can keep up a good relationship with the indie stores your work is in now and that way they will keep ordering books. Promote the best you can. There are a lot of methods. You can also consider having a Virtual Book Tour where you have bloggers review your book.

I wish you good things and keep us posted!

Best Wishes!


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