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Let me introduce my self I am Jane.
I lived in Vegas for 13 years.

Is there anyone out there that wants to tell me there storys about Vegas? Lats talk about Las Vegas.

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Just last year vegas has lots of covention and trade shows, I love vegas but I got ripped off, I was told that my book will be the center stage at the convention for 10,000 gave my life savings, well we all know how that end, there was no such person, no name, and the convention never heard of him. well I got burn and still feeling the heat, I could use that cash now..thanks but vegas is great, I love the fun spirit
Oh wow that is not a good thing at all . I know how you feel. A ex cop from N,Y had be believing he was going to write my movie script for only $45,000 and I got a loan from my business and payed him .
And he ended up in prison for life . He was a cop in N.Y and got nailed for 8 murders. So there went my movie and my $45,9000 you just have to watch out for scumbags like that. There have to be good people also. Oh yes do not pay for somone to write your movie . They will pay you how sick is that? Rocketwomen


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