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29th March 2005 I viewed a DVD called ‘The Universe Beyond’.   It was then that I received one of the most interesting and powerful information ever concerning matters about ‘space’, and am still in awe as to how YHWH GOD provided me with the in-depth knowledge as HE had promised HE would, every time I opened my Bible YHWH GOD had verses already there that go hand in hand with a topic.

The ‘Dark Matter’ or ‘Dark Energy’ is NOT at all evil as explained below:


The following inscription was on the DVD:


Scientists had discovered something called ‘Dark Matter’, which is also known as ‘Dark Energy’.  Why it is called ‘Dark Matter’ or ‘Dark Energy’ is because it’s something you cannot see, it makes no waves, and no one knows what it is.  Its existence is evident by deduction – there must be more to space than emptiness, otherwise GALAXIES would fly apart and revolve with different velocities (speed of motion).  There is an enormous amount of INVISIBLE MASS, up to 99% of the MATTER in the UNIVERSE, holding back.

                                        By ‘The Universe Beyond’


The ‘Dark Matter/Energy’ is in CONTROL of everything in space PREVENTING GALAXIES flying apart so that they DO NOT revolve with different velocities or speed of motion.  Even the Earth revolves at its own speed and remains in its own orbit around the sun and takes 365 ¼ days to orbit the sun, and even the Earth does not fly outside of its own orbit because the ‘Dark Matter/Energy’ is keeping it within its own orbit.  

Reading about the ‘Dark Energy’ made me realize that it was not at all evil but was called ‘dark’ because it cannot be seen as it makes no waves either – but yet IT IS existent!   While sitting behind my computer wondering what it could be because everything YHWH GOD did, does and will do is always 100% in completion.  But where is the other 1% of the ‘Dark Energy’?   Suddenly a Divine Voice loud and clear said: “It is I, the Holy Spirit.  The other 1% is still ME who is still within the whole earth that is why the Scientists cannot pick the other 1% up.  It shall be in the last days that I will pour out MY Spirit upon all flesh.”  I was struck with AWE to such an extent that I jumped out of my seat unable to contain myself, praising YHWH GOD for causing me to look at the DVD and to make me wonder about the ‘Dark Energy’ and as to where the other 1% was so that HE can tell me that it is in fact ‘HIM, the Holy Spirit!’  WOW!  I was ecstatic about it all, praising my LORD GOD that it took sometime before I could contain myself to write everything on paper.  What made it so AWESOME is the fact that YHWH GOD promised me that HE would help me ‘write the book.’  

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