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I thought I would include a poem or two from my poetry book Open Arms. This book is available online, and in book stores. Please read, and let me know what you think of my work. Also I will post links to online book stores where it could be purchased. I hope you all would support me in my first efforts, by buying my first book. Also please look out for my novel He's Only Mine Part Time that should be out sometimes early this year. Thanks for all your love, and support.

Markeith Whitlock

Is it best to have loved then to have never loved at all

No more tears left to fall-no more names left to call.
Your no longer in my life-vanished dreams of one day being your wife.
I should hold so much regret, but I don't regret a thing-even though things didn't work out I'm glad I knew your name.
I wanted so bad for you to remain apart of my future, but now your part of my past-wondering what we could have done differently to make our love last.
I kept going till we had nothing left to lose-on a dangerous ship we cruised.
I miss you, and I wished this didn't have to be apart of me-wishes that you come back to me
All the pain you caused, all the pain I caused you-even though we tried to destroy each other at one time our love was true.
This just wasn't meant to be I won't complain-the hardest part was giving you back you ring.
Saying goodbye to all our hopes, all our dreams-thinking back still tares me apart at the seems.
I wonder if it was worth loving you, then to have never loved you at all?-So many times you were there, you were there to help me keep my balance not to fall.
Now who would catch me, I'm all alone-I have to survive on my own.
You will always hold a special place deep in my heart-apart of me will always long for that new start.
We had so many happy times it almost out ruled the bad-I wish I could go back to what we had.
I know this is best for both you and me-we finally let go set each other free.
It is best to have loved then to have never loved you at all.

I love you momma

It's been coming up on the forth year sense you've been gone, and it just seems like yesterday. I miss you so much momma. I try to remember your smile; I try to remember the good times. I try to remember the laughter. It still hurts so bad, sometimes tears just come to my eyes. I will give up everything just to spend one more day with you. I thank you momma for all you've for me. You gave up your dreams to have, and raise me. I hope that now you're that singer you always wanted to be. I'm sorry for all the trouble I gave you, the times I brought tears to your eyes. I now know that you were right in all the things you told me. All the lessons you taught me, sense you've been gone my life is not the same. I know it never will be, when you first died; I prayed to God, he just take me too. I didn't want to live without you. I stayed momma till they put you in the ground, it was hardest time of my life, to watch you be put in the cold ground. I just couldn't walk away, you was my best friend momma. The one I could always count on, the one that was always there. I know no one would ever love, and care about me the way you did momma. I never thought I could miss no one the way I miss you. All the times you waited up worrying, why I was out there hanging with my friends. I get in the house you be sitting on the couch, I could go bed now, my son is home safe. Thank you God, no matter what I did you always forgave me. I know sometimes I caused you so much pain, I'm sorry momma. I miss you so much no one or nothing could fill this void in my heart, no one could ever take your place. When you were sick, I didn't go to the hospital like I should; I don't know if it was because I just couldn't face the fact, or was it that I just didn't want to believe it. Apart of me still can't believe it, I remember when Aunty came and she said you were gone. I just couldn't believe, not my momma. She can't be on, you looked so at peace when I walked into the hospital room. I knew you would feel no more pain, no more heart ache, no more worrying. Apart of me is just selfish, I just want you back. It's so hard living without you momma, but I try to carry on. I miss your love momma, I miss your voice, I miss your laughter, I miss the you pretty light brown eyes, your cute little bear-button nose. I miss so many things about you momma, I hope you be waiting right there when it's my time. I want to join you momma, so I'm going to do my best to live right. I've made so many mistakes in my short life. I feel like I paying for each and everyone. Momma you were a good mother, you did your best. I just want to say thank you momma, thank you for raising me. Thank you for caring for me, thank you for loving me. You have to do what you did, but you did anyway. You could have gave me up for adoption or just gave me up, but you didn't momma. I know it wasn't easy but you did it. I thank you momma, I just want you to know this momma without any doubt. I love you momma, I love you. I love you so much momma. I love you, with all my heart, with all my soul. With ever fiber of my being, with everything in me. I love you momma, I love you.

There Are A Few Places You Could Purchase Open Arms

Barnes & Noble

PaPa Media

Book Topia

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