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He really loves an imperfect creature such as myself. He tends to my needs. He feels the rise of my blood pressure when I feel anxiety. He feels the dull thud of my chest when I feel abandoned. He feels the slow trickle of the cool tear as it makes it way down my cheek. He feels my strength as I read His Word. He sends direction and encouragement through my mouth as I stand to preach His gospel. He feels my triumph as I write words of healing to His people. He feels my uncertainty when I feel alone and disconnected. He feels my joy when the Holy Ghost brings the guiding light of love to retrieve and restore me.You see it is through me and others like me that God does a perfect work through an imperfect creature. I am nothing without Him. If I can encourage one heart then my living and suffering has not been in vain. My latter days have become my better days..."and I shall not die but live and declare the works of the Lord!" Psalms 118:17 I understand that in my imperfection God's hands are "working things out"!

Out of the desolate ashes I rise to preach a loving and restorative word of hope and peace. Out of those same ashes I return to bring others to renewel and celebration. The Spirit of the Lord God is upon me; He has anointed me to preach the gospel. To set free those that are bound and preach freedom to those held captive; to open the doors to those who in prison. I am celebrating my new life at 52 years old. In desolate places I declare to imperfect people such as myself a perfect love. It is truly well with my soul because I realize that in my imperfection God has a divine and perfect work to unfold. It is not about me but the Jesus Christ within me. My path had been laid before the foundations of the world as I was chosen as one of God's elect. My treatment by others you see is not that important in the Master's divine plan; only my response to that treatment. Jezeble came in to my life as a hurricane and washed through and laid waste to my hopes. She obliterated the levys of romance and destroyed my foundation and aspirations of eros love. and aspirations of love. But God sent me a word four years ago and asked me this, "It's what you do after the flood!" He loves me and I love Him. He will teach me how to a woman again. To God be the glory for the things He has done!

Have a blessed weekend!

Apostle Joseph B. Howard, Sr. Th.D.
Sovereign Grace Mission Cogic
Phoenix of Grace Mission Cogic
Phoenix of Grace Literary Society LLC.
(928) 502-0946

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