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Hi friends,

Could you please criticize my eBook website from book marketing point of view? Actually I just started publishing the eBook but this is my first experience, so I'm not really sure what I should do for the marketing.

There are thousands of book marketing experienced people here, so if I can have your frank opinion, I would appreciate it.

Swine Flu Uncovered:

Masa Horie

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I just took a look at your website and I have a few comments:
1) I like the picture of the pigs but I think your other two pictures could be more powerful. I think maybe with people wearing masks or in the hospital. I don't get the two pictures of people in crowds or on the street, that's not telling me anything and it doesn't really represent your message of swine flu.
2) I think your informational page is WAYYY too long. I don't want to scroll down and read a bunch of that stuff. It has too much wording. The problem with informationals is they are way too long and have too much wording. You want to entice the buyer and from professional stand point as well as a buyers stand point I would advise you to tease with the first page, have the buyer click on a button enticing them to read more, then your second page should be the information enticing them to buy here. I didn't even want to read what you had because it looked too overwhelming. I read it because of your request, but otherwise I would have skipped right past it. Also, what does the ducks have to do with swine flu? That's not entirely clear to me.
3) Do you want to prevent and prepare for the swine flu? It should read-If Yes, you need this E-book. Your buyer shouldn't have to scroll all the way down to 1)find out it's an e-book and 2) realize that they need it. It needs to be moved up.
4) I would do it as follows:
Did you know that 382 people have died from the swine flu?
But over 90,000 have been infected? Doesn't sound like much-You're wrong! Find out why in this E-book
Did you know that it is preventable?
Did you know that you can prevent being number 383 or number 90,001?
Nobody wants the flu, nobody wants to die from the flu-Find out how to keep from getting this flu and even dying from this flu.
Just catching it can be deadly and can send your body into a panic.
Prevent the panic and get this E-book:
Swine Flu Uncovered.
You get my drift: It needs to be more emotional and cause people to want to buy it and see the importance of this book and the best way to do that is to catch them by emotion. People buy on emotion.
Hope this helps.
Hi ZLS Publishing,

Thank you very much for your frank opinion. I appreciate it.

I totally understand your advice. If I were a visitor who is looking for the articles about swine flu preparation, I would have same feeling as you have.

I always need to be on readers' side.

Again, thank you for your advice.



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