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I've been doing a lot of blogging. Political blogging seems to be a good way to connect with many prospective readers, and buyers of books. So, my blog has become a place where I can write articles on any subject, while introducing readers to my written works as well. The news, or spin on the news has become a great literary commodity in today's world, so it's another stone I turn over. Take a look, and leave a comment.


Does anyone else have faith in their ability to create a reading audience through blogging?

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Hi R.D.,

Sure you can create up to large followings depending on the blog you write. You're braver than I am. I keep my political beliefs separate from my writing life away from the public. I feel people's political standings should be as private as their sex life. It used to be that way, but now I guess people are more open. I think it's risky because talking politics always runs you the risk of pissing people off (potential readers) if they don't agree with you politically. Of course it's your right to blog about whatever you want, but we must always remember to be alert about what we write in public, being writers. What we say on a personal or political level can carry onto readers and might even affect sales if it gets enough people stirred up. On the flipside, a lot of people use politics to bring attention to their blogs these days so it's up to what you want. I assume you want positive attention that translates into book sales. Just always be aware and I'd be a little cautious as to what I say or don't. But I'd stay away from politics, that's just me.

Best Wishes!
Hi Stacy, and thanks for your input. I find it interesting you separate your writing life from other aspects. I do also, but decided to use my talents to change the political landscape. Writing has the ability to change people's lives for the better, so I'll try through my own independent means. But it does require a certain amount of guts, since I'm apparently matching wits with the best commentators and politicians our country can churn out. Unfortunately, I see our nation's problems being a discusion among millionaires only. Home town meetings do not fool me with their made-for-TV appeal, when the actions of politicians indicate they only listen to lobbyists who line their pockets. Sure, I'd like to be a famous author of fiction, but I'll never forget my roots and where I came from. Many years ago I walked away from the wealthy lifestyle of being the top labor leader in Anheuser-Busch's company due to the unethical practices between government and corporations. So, I know how things work first hand. We the people, must create our own lobbyists.
I wanted to update my first reply. Over the past month I've been charting the hits to my political blogs and commentary. At first it straight lined at the bottom, and then I'd get a bump every so many days. However, like the heart rate of a person receiving CPR, those bumps kept getting bigger and stronger, and yesterday the hits went up and off the chart. This has also brought up my hits on my other paes as people browse around while they're on the blog. I can only believe this will eventually translate into book sales as well.
I wish you luck with it. Yes, I have two lives, LOL! There's my personal private life and then there is my writing/author life. I'm a very private person and I don't lend out a lot of personal information. I don't feel that the public and readers, should know everything I believe in and what I think. My political beliefs are sacrad to me and I just feel it's no one's business because it has nothing to do with what I am doing. I'm just private anyway. I find things safer that way, LOL. I witnessed a lot of writers having things they say used against them to the point where it hurt their career and chances of publication. Since blogging began, some folks act like they have no sense. It's like they don't remember they are writing in public where anyone can read it. Some people need to be more cautious because what they say causes more harm than they might realize.

From my perspective, I feel there's something things about me that everyone doesn't need to know. I also find that people can't seem to talk politics these days without it turning into some nasty shouting match and that's not my style.

Maybe if I were a political author or nonfiction author, I'd be different. But I write novels so my political beliefs has nothing to do with my work as an author.

Best Wishes!
Stacy, I've found there's a good deal of politics, even when it comes to placing a book in book stores. For example, I write some books with the female reader in mind, such as my novels "What Goes Around," and "The Shuttle Projects Piracy." However, I have found some female book store owners tend to think this is sexist. The reason they think that way is because they are politically incorrect and don't know the difference. The truth is, these novels cater to women. There's many products that cater to women, including books by women. But, politics affects everyone, and usually everyone has an opinion they can write, without fear of retaliation. I enjoy matching wits with the top opinion setters across the country.
My political blog has been getting a lot of hits, although no one is leaving comments. I assume that's a good thing.


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