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Plus see what authors are visiting your area. Keep track of all book signings, interviews and other events. Those who are writing books that complement yours may enjoy meeting you, getting your support is attract a crowd to their appearances, your insights about local media - and then helping you when you are on tour. See BookTour. Co-founder Kevin Smokler is knowledgeable and helpful to us authors.

Adam Goldstein is their CTO and one of the three co-founders. Also see their blog It has an interesting post re Writer's Digest's profile of their CEO Chris Anderson.

Also, last August they forged a partnership with IndieBound, the nation's largest representative of independent booksellers.

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Thanks for the information. I signed up for book tour and have added a link to my web site for other authors to find it and use the resources. The site is great. I found links to organizations that I never thought of being interested in having authors to speak. I also found organizations that I did not know existed. This adds to my resources to market my book and my writing.

Again thanks
happy to hear it helped - and that you dove into use it Dennis


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