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I have recently been asked by three people to "take a look at my book, Catherine, my wife/husband/son/daughter says its really good and I am thinking of publishing it ...."

Well, how can I tell them the truth ?  Such rubbish.

Step One is to check your spelling !   Check it yourself, don't rely on Google spell-check.

Step Two is to learn how to use punctuation - so many people see the letter "S" and throw an apostrophe at it !   Not to mention commas, full stops, paragraphs.

No publisher nor publishing agent is going to look past the first few words of your typescript if you haven't even got your head around these basics.  And that is before we even begin to talk about interest/dialogue/subject matter/readership level ..... and so on .... and on.

Deary me.  So I read what I could bear and made comments like "mmmmm ...."

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