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Psalm 38:15

For in thee, O Lord, do I hope; thou will hear, O Lord my God;

As we continue our discussion on hope in the face of adversity, today's topical discussion makes a profound statement as believers are to rely on God in every situation and for everything as God has made provisions for all our needs both spiritual and physical.
Rely on God as He is the God of our salvation, strength, high tower, and refuge in the time of trouble. King David always gave honor and sang praises to God for who He is, His love and compassionate care for His people so must all believers today. We rely on God because He is the creator of all that exist and the essence of our lives from beginning to end. He knows all, sees all and is every where. Believers are to rely on God because of His faithfulness in keeping promises to mankind as God is unchangeable and cannot lie. Believers' relying on God manifests total trust and confidence in God because of His trustworthiness and is faithful to His people. It is also noteworthy to say that relying on God manifests one's true faith in God and His loving care, compassion, grace and mercy that He sheds on man.
With that being said, believers can say like King David in Psalm 34:17-22 when the righteous cry out to the Lord He hears and delivers.
Relying on God is a sure thing.
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Yeah I think the more you look at God's love the more focused you become and the fruits will flow naturally. I think when you're trying to force yourself to trust God aside from His love it becomes very obscured. 




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