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A Book of Kells: Growing Up in an Ego Void by Margaret Kell Virany

Kindle freebie  Mar. 13-17

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From the back cover:

 A Book of Kells: Growing Up in an ego Void by Margaret Kell Virany

Kindle freebie  Mar. 13-17

As a five-year-old girl, the author is baffled by parents who are such
dedicated examples of the gospels they never reveal who they really
are. Bear skins and tennis racquets hint at a different past. Helped
by seventy-two flimsy letters that had logged 200,000 miles, she
succeeds, at age sixty-nine, in finding her parents’ lost egos.

Meanwhile, the reader is swept from an Ontario farm to an English
hearth in World War I, paddles the fur trade route and keeps tabs
on a missionary among the Swampy Cree. A legendary love affair
leads to a five-day winter trek by two people alone in the universe to
find a place for a baby to be born.

But there is an aftermath to joy during the Great Depression
and World War II in small communities. In spite of biblical and
behavioral paradoxes, plus a black sheep complex and near suicide,
the author finds herself also. Much thanks is due to the family’s
Methodist pattern, a guru-like professor (Northrop Frye) and a
college motto (The truth shall make you free.) Whatever your age
and whether inner or outer adventures interest you more, this book
is stimulating to read. It dances a delicate balancing act between ego
and soul.

“. . . riveting. . .the pace of the narrative doesn’t flag; Virany has the
natural gifts of a born storyteller who keeps you caring about the
characters no matter where they are.”

--Ellen Tanner Marsh, New York Times best-selling author



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