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As I write this there are over 300 members at the Christian Authors Connection. This is the place to tell us about yourself, your book, your ministry, your goals, whatever you'd like. To make it EASY for our members to scan through the bios, put the TOP LINE of your introductions as what you most want people to know about you or your ministry NICHE.

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I am a Christian Romance author. I have two published books; Treasures in Clay Vessels which has received two five star reviews and The Rich American Woman which received the John Gardner Award for Best Character Description. I studied fiction writing at the Jerry Jenkins Christian Writers Guild and graduated on journeyman level. I had a column at, basically is was a devotional column for pet lovers. I teach creative writing at the Largo Community Center in Largo, Florida.

My ministry is for women ages 18 and up who want to read and be inspired by love stories that are true with heroines that are real. My main characters all have issues in life that they are trying to work out. Love doesn't come easy for them and in most cases they have given up on love and life. But then God sees their pain leads them to the love He had waiting for them all along.
I've just (self)-published a Christian SF novel, Dauntless Homecoming, available in paperback and Kindle on I've also gotten a short story, Transit of Gem, published in The Cross and the Cosmos Magazine, and a poem, Fried, published in Mindflights.

When I'm not staring at a computer screen, trying to figure out the next sentence to write, I am the pastor/leader/rabbi/whatever at a Messianic Congregation, and a Principal Research Scientist at a major defense contractor. You can get all the gritty details at my web site. It also has a couple of prequels to Dauntless Homecoming on it that you can read for free.

I have been happily married for over 32 years, and have one son about to graduate as a U.S. Marine from Parris Island.

I'm somehow finding time to also work on a couple of new novels, including a sequel to Dauntless Homecoming.
I write books from a Christian background, but I have a global perspective --very interreligious and pluralist. I encourage young people to dive deep into their own religious tradition, but be respectful of other traditions. I show young people how to build up a meaningful life on the view of life found in the pages of the Bible by mainitaining respect for other religions as well as science. I have a description of my books at my website
I have written and illustrated two books that help children deal with acceptance and loneliness. As a pass Hospice Nurse, I have great compassion for people and especially children. "An Angel for Joey" will hopefully be out mid-December 2010. The story tells of a little boy who lost his dad and loses his ability to speak. His mom moves them to another home where he has great difficulty making friends. One day, a new family with a boy the same age as Joey, moves in next door. The boy and Joey become best of friends and Joey is able to speak again. In the end, Joey has many new friends. The family next door disappears leaving behind a white shoe box with pictures and a note that reads "I love you son." Joey and his mom soon discover that there is an angel for Joey. Another book "A Little Sunflower Named Tib" that not only struggles for his daily sunshine, but acceptance. Since writing these stories, I have formed a publishing company, Coastal Winds Publishing House in Southeast Texas. I am originally from Morehead City, NC.
My husband and I have co-authored a non-fiction book called Aloha is Forever; Finding Hope in the Midst of Despair. It is currently at the printer and we expect to have it ready to fulfill orders in time for Christmas. Our book tells the story of the search for our 22 year old son who took a hike in Hawaii and never returned. Although it is our story, many of the principles we share apply to any negative or difficult circumstance of life. It's a story that will encourage and build your faith. It is available at

I'm the author of the YA fantasy series ALLON. In the past I have written for children's animation and won several screenwriting awards, including a Certificate of Merit from the American Association of Screenwriters. I began writing my series because my daughter asked me. She didn't want to read about witches and warlocks and wanted a good old fashion fantasy like Narina or Lord of the Rings.

After I agreed to do so, she started sharing with her friends and the next thing I know, her friends are  coming over to talk to me about the story. One thing lead to another and those conversation turned from the story, to personal and seeking concrete answer about life. It became a great witnessing tools since most of these kids were from immigrant families and of different faiths, including Muslim and Bhuddist. Two girls from Egypt came to church with us on Easter Sunday.

What began as a request from my daughter has blossomed into a series I now share with school kids, parents, teachers and librarians locally and at conventions and festival across the southeast.


Shawn Lamb

Author of Allon

Adam Graham is a multi-talented author known for his wit and poignancy. His work appears on, Renew America, American Daily, The Conservative Voice, Red State, and Conservatown. He also has short stories published in the anthology Light at the Edge of Darkness, and in the Laser & Sword e-zine. He is also host of the Truth and Hope Report podcast, as well as the Old Time Dragnet Radio Show, and the Old Time Superman Radio Show. Mr. Graham holds a general studies Associate of Arts degree from Flathead Valley Community College with a concentration in Journalism. He tweets at @idahoguy, @dimknight and @radiodetectives.

I, Andrea Graham, co-authored Adam Graham’s first novel,Tales of the Dim Knight. My short story “Frozen Generation” also appeared in Light at the Edge of Darkness. Istudied creative writing and religion at Ashland University. Visit me online at and Ask Andrea, or follow her tweets @povbootcamp.

Adam and I live with our cat, Joybell, in Boise, Idaho.We are members of several writers groups, including Lost Genre Guild and American Christian Fiction Writers. Adam is president of our local ACFW chapter ,Idahope.


I am the author of the book, The Whole Youth Worker; Advice on Professional, Personal, and Physical Wellness from the Trenches. My book was published in 2009 in paperback from Loving Healing Press. My book is coming out as a second edition in a couple of months in hard cover. The 2nd edition contains new chapters, updated fast food menus, and an inspiring foreword by Jeanne Mayo.

The Whole Youth Worker is a Monday through Friday guide for youth workers. It contains chapters on;

  • Balancing life and ministry
  • Being a professional in the office
  • Shining in board meetings
  • Lock-Ins 101
  • Ministering when you are low in spirit
  • Being more "parent friendly"
  • Dealing with "Senioritus"
  • Dealing with romances in your youth group
  • Utilizing the space you have
  • AND, a guide for the most popular fast food spots in the USA so that we youth workers can eat more healthily while we are travelling with our groups!
  • And MUCH MORE!

My book is available through, Barnes and Noble online, and by ordering through most brick and mortar bookstores. It is distributed by Ingram.

Please visit me online at

        Hi, I am a master's level Licensed Professional Christian Counselor. When I ask clients, "How is your relationship with yourself?" The immediate response is something like, "I am really hard on myself." I have discovered the root of Christian's frustration with not being able to experience the love and grace of God; having a dysfunctional relationship with themselves. They know about God's grace but it is not ensconced into their hearts. This judgment, condemnation, pushing etc blocks them experiencing God's grace.

       I have authored a book to give the Christian insight into their heart of hearts as to why they do this to themselves. The book is entitled Ending the War with Myself; Loving Myself as God Does. I ended the war with God a good 15 years before the Holy Spirit lead me to end the war with myself. Each chapter is sprinkled with open-ended questions for journaling. The reader will go on an open honest inner journey with the Lord to discover what wounds in their childhood are present today and negatively impacting their present relationships.
       Jesus in Matthew 22 exhorts us to love God, to love others as WE DO OURSELVES. In doing so we fulfill all the law and prophets. Jesus tells us there are 3 relationships we are to tend to; God, self, and others. In doing so we grow in wisdom, statue and in favor with God and man.Unhealthy relationships come from the reality we generally do relate to others as we relate to ourselves and for the most part we do not relate to ourselves well.

     Ending the War with Myself  helps readers learn to love and accept themselves as the God of the New Testament does. Readers will experience the Good News (Gospel) of God's grace and mercy, love and acceptance. Issues like God-Esteem vs. Self-Esteem, boundaries with others, authenticity, letting go, Grace vs. the Law, wounded inner child, family of origin issues, toxic lies we believe about self and God, strength in weakness, learning to rest in the midst of confusion and trouble are all addressed.

I work with small groups and speak to large groups helping the participants glean God's principles for what I coined as God-Esteem.
For purchase and further details go to

As an aside, my hobbies are gardening, playing with grandchildren, and I am presently building a large doll house.

Never say never, right?  Because I never thought I'd be a published author or writer...English was my worst subject in school - ha!  However, through God's grace, I am now the author of several Christian books - my first titled, "Mirror Mirror...Am I Beautiful" targeted specifically for teen girls through my website  From my experiences publishing, I now share what I learned in order to help others at


Nice to "meet" you all!




I am the author of Married, Celibate, and Saved.  It is a non-fiction book about the life, love, and sacrifices  when sex left our marriage, but ultimately, our realationship evolved into a beautiful friendship.  I have taught Sunday for over six years, I home schooled, conducted seminars and workshops. Right now I am marketing my book.
I've been writing, on and off, since I was very young, but it wasn't until about ten years ago that it dawned on me I could write from where it matters most (I'm slow that way.)  I've got two books out there, volumes 1 and 2 of a trilogy of what I call realistic British Christian fiction for adults: 'Leviathan with a Fish-hook' and 'The Monster Behemoth.' Book 3, called 'The Land of Nimrod,' is about half-way to completion. I'm working towards getting it done some time later this year. After that - who knows? I'll go where I'm led.


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