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1880, Lanchester. 

Charles Pindar is born into a respected, hard-working farming family to Samuel Pindar’s young second wife, Daisy, a delicate town-girl, who dies as soon as he is born. 

From the outset, the clever, dark Charles is different from his half-siblings, who are content to work the land from their childhoods onwards, and not to seek education. 

A child with a ruthless streak, Charles sets about getting what he wants from life – elevation above his family’s standing, even as he forms a close bond with his more modest older brother, Tom. 

The two brothers’ ambitions for both money and love begin to determine the courses of their very different lives, as Tom thinks only of carrying on his father’s legacy at the Pindars’ farm while Charles claws his way to wealth in the town of Bradburn. 

Tom – stolid, simple – is enchanted by the wiles of a beautiful but dangerous gypsy girl, and is determined to have her though Charles can see the perils of Tom’s infatuation. 

Charles has his own sights set upon Laura Hardy, a pretty but proud gentleman’s daughter; unwary as he is of the consequences of a self-made man seeking to join ‘society’. 

Will the brothers’ choices bring them prosperity or heartbreak? 

‘The Pindars’ is a heartfelt tale of two brothers’ different paths, set against the ever-changing backdrop of the industrial revolution and the First World War. 

About the Author

Adelaide Q Roby’s ambition as a child was to ‘write a book with hard covers’ and during her childhood she wrote several plays featuring herself and her younger brothers in a series of adventures. Later one of her adult plays was on the point of being produced at a Liverpool theatre when war broke out and it was shelved. As well as ‘The Pindars’, she is the author of ‘Siren Song’, ‘White Harvest’ and ‘Sea Urchin’, also published by Endeavour Press.

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