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The thrill of my first book , "A Ticket to Tewkesbury" in October 2008, never dimished, but when the second, "Short Stories Volume One" came along in July last year, the buzz moved up several notches.


On July 30th, my third book and second full-length novel, "Two Little Dicky Birds" will be released, and this is by far my most ambitious work so far.


Copies have made their way onto Barnes & Noble, and Amazon feature them around the world.


In the UK, availability is also through Waterstones and WH Smith.


Details are below.



"A Ticket to Tewkesbury" - ISBN 9781905809349 - priced at £7.99


"Short Stories Volume One" - ISBN 9781905809608 - priced at £7.99


"Two Little Dicky Birds" - ISBN 9781905809936 - pricied at £8.99



All details can be found on my website



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