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Update !!!!! Update !!!!!!! Update !!!!! Update !!!!

Hello Everyone,

I would like to officially announce that my first book, "The Novella Series Red Paradise: First Father" is currently AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE.

Feel free to follow the link below which will take you to CreateSpace where you can make the purchase. The book will be available on the website in a couple of weeks.

I am also in the process of updating my website so that purchases can be made from that site as well.

Peace and Blessings

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Don, you should post an excerpt of your novel on your site or somewhere. You should also (if you don't plan on doing it already), get your book into Amazon's Search Inside Program so people can read a preview. The days are gone where people bought books without reading a sample. You might get more interest and hopefully sales.

Also, good luck with promotion but I hope you're not counting on this board to steer you towards readers. There are other places that are more ideal to get your book promoted. Be careful also about where you post your book info because you don't want to be accused of spamming. Then I can assure you that no one will want to read your book.

Best Wishes!
Stacey, I appreciate the advice. I will be putting an excerpt on the website and posting it in other areas in the very near future. Don
Hey Don, I appreciate the congratulations. My intentions are to start with google sponsored links and then shift over and use your program under bookwhirl in conjunction with the sponsored links.
Looking forward to the excerpt!


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