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Hello everyone,
I'd love to get some feedback from anyone who has a website to promote their book. I am a first time author and in the process of creating my own website. My book Acting with Integrity is a "how to" book for aspiring actors and can be purchased as an ebook and in paperback. Thanks and good luck to you!
Ryan Kitley

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Hey, Ryan -

Everything I now know about websites, I've learned in the past 12 months, so I'm still a newbie. But after studying the field, I personally went with 'Go Daddy' for my website - they have a do-it-yourself plan which I liked, because it meant I'd learn a few things. I worked on my site in the evenings for about 2 weeks before 'publishing' it. It's a work in progress, but I've noticed the advantages of this: each time I add something, Google finds it and puts it out there.

After 4 months my site made it to the top of each of 5 search engine Page One's, so I'm pretty happy. It links to a publisher page that sells my book, and also to Amazon sales page, so I have to say, it's a modern miracle.

I don't get a zillion hits a day, as I'd like - but the counter shows a steady increase of visitors each month. The whole effort costs very little, so I say, absolutely go for it - give your book a worldwide platform that's out there, even when you are asleep.

You're welcome to take a look at my rookie front page, if you like, and let me know what you think.

Happy to answer any questions, if I can.

Best of luck in your book marketing.
Hi Ryan
I think for most writers the best thing is a blog format site. You can do almost anything with a blog (especially with the write "theme" or "template" that you can do with a coded website...and you don't really have to know how to do anything but paste things in.

You can go to right now and get a free account and boom, you're in business with

If you want your own hosted domain, register your domain (a good idea no matter what, no point in letting somebody else get when you can nail it down for under ten bucks a year.

When you shop for a host, make sure they have pre-installed software. like "Fantastico", as a great example. You'd find that on a host like bluehost, which is a good site, cost you maybe $70 a year.
Fantastico will install wordpress on your site at the press of a button. Then you can get free themes from the wordpress site. Many don't even look like blogs at all. There's a learning curve there, but nothing like trying to create a website and maintain it. Get the theme that suits your FORMAT needs, you can change the colors and graphics later. Decide the layout you want (by browing other writer's sites, basically) and choose three column, two colum full width, widget-ready etc. Then take a day or two to figure out how to change the colors and graphics to your own. (Wordpress has a forum where people come to learn and ask questions)
A lot of pretty major writers are doing this. Another thing: you can also change themes at the touch of a few buttons, as well.
Good luck
PS Don't worry about SEO (search engine placement) if somebody is looking for you, you'll be in the first page, if not you'll be back in the thousands of pages for goggling "acting" and "how to" and such. You can't really compete with big publishers for SEO.

If you host on or whatever without using your own domain, SEO is meaningless.
Your publisher should have had this squared away before the release. You will have to do a search for some sites to list your book but the publisher should have had the book listed places already. Usually a book is visible on tons of book sites and promotional sites before it's released. If you self-published or have a small publisher then you will have to list the book yourself in a lot of places. Google should be able to help. I know many sites but I can't name them all. Good luck to you.

Best WIshes!
Hi Ryan,

I developed my own website to match the overall theme of my novels.

Have a look and let me know if you have a specific question. I find its best to be very visual, you want to catch their attention at first, snappy copy will make them stay and browse. Do yourself a favor and add a section for media...headshot, reviews, press releases, etc. and definitely add your book cover!
I design websites, promotional material, and video trailers so I'd be happy to help.


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