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Hi All,

I don't mind starting this off. Honestly, I haven't been very good about promoting at all. I do much better with the story telling then I do trying to sell it to somebody. I do visit the Amazon discussions and take part when I can. I have my own web page and that seems to be doing fine getting visitors and new members but I don't think it has done much for sales. I visit different websites and leave a comment when appropriate but not as often as I should.


I'm about to launch the sequel to my book, Touches From The Beyond. I'm hoping the sequel will promote the first book and help with sales. Most of my sales have been ebook. I love the Kindle! My son got me one for Christmas. He has chosen to get the Nook and he tells me that he really likes it. All I can say is, thank goodness for ebooks.


I'm hoping you all will jump in and tell us what you are doing. What has been your best selling promotion? I think mine has been in the discussion threads at Amazon. I wish more sites had that feature.Word of mouth has sold a few but short of a TV commercial (way out of my budget) posting on Amazon has been the best.


I hope to hear from you soon.


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