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What would you say is the most important thing to know about book signings?

My previous discussion was probably worded and titled wrong. If you could give new authors one tip or bit of advice about book signings what would it be? I am nervous about my upcoming signing and would love to hear from authors who have been through them.

Kristin Callender
The Truth Lies in the Dark

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Some very simple things to think about at a book signing is your venue. What kind of book are you marketing? Are you going to be in a bookstore or somewhere else? My local chapter of RWA has had some very successful signings at gift shops, coffee shops and small independent stores as compared to the big chain stores.
If you're really nervous at your first signing, and who isn't, try to make your first one a multiple author signing. If the first one doesn't go well, don't let it stop you from doing another one. Even veteran, successful authors have had signings where few customers showed up. Good luck.
Hi Susan,
Thank you for your advice and encouragement. I had originally posted before my 1st signing, which has now passed. I was nervous and then to make it worse found out that the library was filming it for a local public access channel. All in all it went well, I got through and sold some books. Of course there were more family members and friends than anyone. I was given the final say if the program would air; which turned out not to be an issue because of technical problems with the camera. It is actually a pretty funny story that I will be writing about soon on my blog.

I have since attended another signing that went great. There was a large book club that read my book, so we had a great discussion about the story and the characters. You are right about not letting the not so good events stop you from continuing. If I stopped after the first one I would never have known how much fun a good one can be. I am now planning more signings.

Thanl Again,
Kristin Callender
The Truth Lies in the Dark

VBT's are blog tours and web site tours. It's where literary blogs and literary sites interview you or have you do blog posts to promote you and your work. You must promote the even a head of time so that folks will stop by and check out the blog. Every blog hosts author events differently. Some do interviews, reviews and others actually have the author pop in once in a while on specific day to take questions from fans.

There are companies that do this but you can do your own. I'd go with a company (they aren't expensive), to get the hang of it. These publicity firms help you advertise and promote in advance then they also contact the blogs and web site owners for you. It's easier sometimes to have people speak on your behalf until you gain contacts. Being in the business as long as I have I have MANY contacts and have been a guest on many blogs but still I think I might go with a company when I try my first VBT because they handle a lot for you. You can research this too of course and correspond with other authors who do them to learn more. There are lots of people who will organize a VBT for you, just do research and pick the one that's best for you and I'd get references from other authors.

Oh and about my book covers, just go to my page or web site and you can read the titles better there.

Best Wishes,



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