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Where do you find the time to write and market your book?

Do you have some kind of time management system? Do you have some trick like writing in the morning and marketing in the afternoon? Thanks for sharing!

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Throughout the week I send all my marketing emails to what I call my "Sunday folder." Sunday morning is like Christmas. I make coffee, set my timer for 45 minutes and off I go! I don't rush through, I go through each site and see what I can do: Update, add an event, make a comment, read or post a blog, find a friend.

The timer is a fixture in my writing world. I have to remind myself to step away from the computer, rest my eyes for 15 minutes. Usually I'm straining at the bit to get back in the saddle and keep posting.

I spend approximately 12 hours doing this every Sunday. If I can't make it, I find the first available day with a huge block of time. True, I have no husband or kids and my cats only need to be fed. Hugs come later.


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