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Why is it hard for a wife to "submit" to her husband? Do you believe that God made him the head of your home?

After teaching marriage classes, many times I see that there is a disconnect in the marriage when it comes to "respecting" your husband and "loving" your wife. Why is that?

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Probably because it should be that respect and love should be equally given and received by both. A woman shouldn't be expected to respect her husband and not be respected by him. It goes back to why they have taken the "obey" out of the marriage vows. Good riddance. Women shouldn't have to obey anyone. We're not children, we're adults with our own minds the same as men.

Best Wishes!
I believe that respect definately goes both ways, don't get me wrong! But the word "respect" is huge for a man. Just like "Love" is important to a woman. Although modern society women choose to wear the pants. I think if the average household understands that God has a order in the home, the divorce rate would not be as high.

Thanks for your response,
I wouldn't say that divorce always has to do with people not having god in their home or in their lives. There are many people who are very religious and they get divorced everyday just like you got ton of people who are religious yet have common-law relationships and babies out of wedlock. So it goes both ways I suppose.

Also it's not that women have chosen to wear the pants, it's that men these days don't know how to wear the pants or are too sorry to try to. Most men these days are no longer working and they are not taking care of their kids. When a woman is a single mother how is she not supposed to "wear the pants"? Who is supposed to do it for her? No one. When a woman is married to some old bozo who is not helping out, how is she not to wear the pants? Who's gonna pay the bills, pay insurance, car notes, kids, food, if the so-called man isn't even working. She has no choice but to wear the pants. I say no woman should put up with that, but if they are stuck with a pathetic excuse for a man, they have to wear the pants because he's not.

A lot of men these days have dropped the ball with marriage, kids and fiancial support. If most really valued respect then why are they sitting at home playing X-box, not supporting their kids, drinking all day, while the women are working. Some men say they want to be stay-home-husbands. But they are not taking care of things at home. Now with those type of men, I find it hard to believe respect means anything to them. A real man would do what he should as a man. When men go back to bringing home the bacon or at least helping out with the household, they can get respect. But I don't think any person, man or woman should be respected by anyone else if they are not handling their business. Some women are working three jobs while with a man who is working none! Does he deserve respect just because he is a man? Please.

You earn respect and just because a man has a private part different than mine doesn't mean he deserves my respect. A real man is getting his respect because he's doing what a real man should. The others don't deserve anything because they are too sorry to better themselves.

I'm not being negative toward you, just clarifying that men should earn respect like everyone else. I don't like how some people try to make it out like men are more important than women. If you aren't pulling your weight as a man then you don't deserve respect.

Best Wishes!
Good stuff, I understand totally what you are saying. Are you married? Just asking. I believe that if you are with a man who isn't being as responsible, could you help build him up to become the man he was meant to be? Some people marry men who knew that he was no good when you met him, so why would you be upset now knowing he wasn't no good in the first place? I need your opinion. Talk to me...
It all depends on the foundation on which your marriage is built. If your marriage is built on a partnership, then there is conflict when a resolution has to be made. If it is built on the Bible, then the decision falls on the head of the home, as does all the responsibility for those decisions. That doesn 't mean that the wife has no say in anything, because the husband is instructed to love his wife as Christ loved the church and gave Himself to the church. Both husband and wife are in submission to God.
Thanks Linda! That is good stuff!


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