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The more I interact with others on the various networking sites I belong to, the more I see the need for discernment. Most of us are here because we want to promote our latest book, or want to get more exposure for our writing efforts and maybe get that much sought after contract.  Okay, fine. May I add a cautionary note, however? As Christians, (and I am assuming that you are a christian if you belong to this particular group) our first priority is to represent Christ. I have noticed, in my 'surfing travels' that not everyone who claims to know Christ has a solid understanding of scripture. I certainly do not claim to know it all - I am in progress, as are all of you.  I have recently come across some rather alarming discussion, however.  (Yes ... maybe even on this network ...) My advise is this: in our frenzy to promote books, be careful what you read and who you believe. There are probably just as many 'whackos' within the confines of these networking sites as are out there in the real world.

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I agree. I have to pray every day that God will show me what he would have me to do. I believe my book has a valuable message that needs to get out there. I also have learned through the long and arduous process that I have to let it go and let God run the show. He has shown me more than once that whatever happens, it will be in HIS time. Still, if we believe he has given us a mission to complete, we must press forward. Just make sure he handles all of the details.
I agree with you, brother! I'm also learning to "let go, and let God" with the book promotion. He will open the doors no man can open, and close those He wants closed. We need to be proactive and use discernment as Tracy stated in her post. Beware, many will want to take your money and not deliver the services you think you're getting. There are wolves wearing sheep's clothing... Keep you eyes on the Good Shepherd!
I find this to be true, not only on the web site as much as in real life. I wrote my first novel purely in obedience to God's nudge (through the Holy Spirit) and not because I felt like writing. In the process, God healed wounds, answered questions, thought me endurance, patience and discipline. Since the book is finished, I'll do my part in advertising, yet I leave it in His hands. I do confess at times I feel as if God moves too slow and become impatient. But if our books affect even one single person, isn't that the reason we worked so hard for? To be of help to others? The process of waiting (on God) is also as beneficiary to us as moving in His will. I;m grateful that he put such great talents in all of us and that we obey by using our talents (hopefully to help others).
Stay thankful.
Great advice, Tracy. One thing I do read a little of what is on a person's home page. It is usually very clear what comes through.

Lorilyn Roberts
As a few of you pointed out, it takes constant prayer and allowing God to work in His timing. Lorilyn said that she sometimes goes to the person's site just to see what's up and usually this is quite telling. Honestly, though, there was one particular post (on a different network) that was just so outrageous that I did not want to even give that person the time or effort. Instead I just prayed!
Amen! I agree 100%! We have to very careful who we allow to speak into our spirits.
I echo the sentiments of what has been said. I have also experienced the same frustrations and feelings. But in the process, I came across Peggy McColl's Best-Seller Program, and after attending her seminars, I came up with the John 3:16 Marketing Network. It is designed to help Christian authors launch their books.

The idea is for there to be a Body of Christian Authors who will lift each other up during a book launch. This can be accomplished by postings on social networking sites, email lists, and offering free e-gifts on the special day. There is no cost -- it's just one author helping another author to have a successful book launch on Amazon or Barnes and Noble. So far we have about twenty-five members. I want up to three hundred or more.

My feeling is the best way to sell books is through word of mouth, but it's very hard for one person to do it all on his own. If you look at Jesus' example, He picked twelve disciples to spread the Gospel around the world -- and that was all there was to His "marketing strategy."

There are no gimmicks and no costs. If you want to read more, you can visit my website at Read at least the last of the three articles called "Nuts and Bolts." The author webpage is: where you can see the authors who have joined. The main requirement is that a person believes John 3:16 -- the essense of the Gospel.
For anyone reading Lorilyn's last post, may I just encourage you to check out the John #:16 site. I think it is a great idea and hopefully there will be enough interest for it to start making some inroads.
I am learning. I have re-evaluated how I am going to market my book based on a new set of priorities. Yes I do want to make more than a proft but I do not want to compromise who I am. As I have met people over the internet I have learned that other people have a different understanding of what a follower of Christ does. These peole have cause me to check myself.
Perhaps more, Tracy, on sites that you would not expect. Thanks for the reminder.
Tracy, in total agreement here. While cleaning up the group's post last month I think I deleted quite a bit of material that was questionable.


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