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Hi Everyone,

Just noting pricing for my book series in print form and in PDF:

The entire printed series will cost a person $56, inclusive of the leader's guide. These prices have been set as low as possible yet still cover the per-book production costs. The entire series as a digital set will be $36.00. Read further down for the complete lists of both the printed and digital sets.

Pricing for Paperback copies:
Volume 1 = $9.50
Volume 2 = $7.25
Volume 3 = $9.25
Volume 4 = $8.75
Volume 5 = $9.25
Volume 6 = $6.00
Leader's guide = $6.00

Available from: Volume One

Pricing for the digital versions of the book series:

Volume 1 ebook version = $5.75
Volume 2 ebook version = $4.50
Volume 3 ebook version = $5.50
Volume 4 ebook version = $5.25
Volume 5 ebook version = $5.75
Volume 6ebook version = $3.75
Leader's guide ebook version = $3.75

I'm sharing pricing now so that people can start making plans for the hoped-for official launch on the September Labor Day Long Weekend.

Facebook: Author Page

Official Event Page for the launch

If you'd like handouts to give to your friends, feel free to download the presskit here. You'll find bookmarks, postcards, a press release, author bio, etc in this zip file. Feel free to print as many bookmarks or postcards as you wish to pass around to those who may be interested in this series. The postcards give a breakdown of paperpack pricing and a quick promo blurb.

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