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Lisa Copen

San Diego, United States

Tracy Krauss

Tumbler Ridge, BC, Canada

Lorilyn Roberts

Gainesville, FL, United States

Deborah McCarragher

Fleming Island, FL, United States

Marsha Randolph

Miami, FL, United States

Martin Murphy

Midland City, AL, United States

Dr. Willie B White

West Bloomfield, MI, United States

Jo-Anne Vandermeulen

Courtenay, British Columbia, Canada

Mukkove Johnson

Palmer, AK, United States

Harold E. "Hal" West

Port Orange, FL, United States

Scott A. Shuford

Orange County, CA, United States

Marlayne Giron

Mission Viejo, CA, United States

Dianne G. Sagan

Amarillo, TX, United States

Grace Brooks

The Pas, Manitoba, Canada

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