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Salutations from New-York!
I'm a writer whose book is called: "Happiness in our daily lives" and it is a self-help book geared to impress on the control individuals have on their own happiness, even under difficult circumstances.

Happiness In Our Daily Lives is a self-help book on how to maintain a positive attitude in life, even under trying circumstances.
While the issue of happiness as a choice has been amply explored in previous successful books, I believe that my book fills a void in this matter: it addresses the causes of happiness and it suggests techniques to reach and maintain it daily, even in such locations as hospitals, prisons, serving people with physical and mental disabilities, when facing bio-socio-chemical and psychological imbalances, or simply when one is bored and disenchanted about life. It also addresses happiness in the midst of spiritual crises, as an expatriate, as a refugee, as a worker doing menial jobs, as an aging individual and as a supportive person of family going through the ordeals mentioned above.


You could order my book for $ 24.96 from, or your local book store, or directly from me for $ 18 plus shipping.

If you’d like me to send it to you, please send me an address where I can mail it and you can pay me upon receipt of the book.

Thank you and good-bye (derivative from “God Be with You!")
Gabriel Gherasim

Tel: 718 784-0384.


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