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There are many new writers who are trying to change the world with their words. In the past, many before us have exposed abuses, uncovered great mysteries, altered the philosophies of nations and made a positive contribution to the way we perceive our future. Are you one of those authors? What do you have to say?

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Good for you, Freda! The link is certaily there so keep on stretching and reach your goal.
There are many wonderful people here!
I would also suggest that you sign up at This site is aimed at connecting authors and readers. Between the two, you have a lot of basis covered.
I was 20 years old when my father said those kind-and-cruel words to me. I never forgot them.
I wrote lots of advertising copy in the months that followed, and began to think of myself as a writer. I liked that feeling. Other interests - Hockey, Formula one racing, and college crowded themselves into my life. Gradually, I wrote less and less. I still yearned to be a writer and so I began to feel guilty about not writing.
To assuage my guilt, I promised myself that my other activities were "life experience," and that I needed life experience to become the good writer I wanted to be. In developing this excuse for not writing, I was building a structure of self-deception that many people live inside when they abandon their dreams. From the outside, it looks like you are doing nothing. But from the inside, you know that you are in the process of becoming, which, you convince yourself, is the next best thing to being.
That was the shape of my delusion when my father said, "If you want to be a writer, you have to write. A writer is someone who writes."
So many people live their lives failing to become what they want to be because they can't find the time to get started. How many times have you heard someone say that, one day, they will do what they always wanted to do - travel the world or paint paintings or write a book? And when you hear sentiments like those, what do you feel? Happy because you are confident that one day they will accomplish their long held goal? Or sort of sad for them because you are pretty sure they never will?
And what about you? What is it that you want to be but haven't become? What goal or project or task do you keep talking about accomplishing yet never do?
When my father told me that "writers write," he was saying two things:
•I had lost the right to call myself a writer when I stopped writing.
•I could regain the title the moment I started writing again.
If you spend a while ruminating on this, you may find it both disturbing and liberating.
I was disturbed, because I wanted my father to say that the way to become a writer was to read books about writing and then take courses on writing and then perhaps become an apprentice to a writer and then begin writing little bits here and there. And that, finally, after 3 or 10 years of education, preparation, and qualification, I would somehow automatically be a writer.
But as long as I was studying writing or preparing myself to be a writer - and yet not actually writing - I wasn't a writer. It was as simple as that.
Lots of people feel that they can keep their dreams alive and derive some of the ego satisfaction they hope their dreams will give them simply by living in a state of becoming. "I am not yet the person I want to become, but so long as I continue to express a wish to become that person, I keep that possibility alive and deserve credit for doing so."
To become a writer, the first thing I had to do was refuse to accept any psychological credit for wanting to be a writer. After the initial disappointment of giving up the delusion that becoming was as good as being, I had no choice but to jump over the becoming stage and simply be.
I did that by writing. Every day. And when I learned the secret of getting up early and writing first thing in the morning - hours before other people trailed into work - that's when I began to really live my dream.
These days, I usually get up between 5:30 and 6:30, and the first thing I do is fire up the computer. There is no better feeling than to get going when it is dark and quiet, usually by making entries into my journal but sometimes by tackling something tougher, like a book chapter. Of the many pleasures of being a writer - finishing a manuscript, collaborating with editors, seeing a copy of the book for the first time, and even making it to best-seller lists - the purest and finest for me has always been the first few hours of the morning when I am in that writerly groove.
The best part about being a writer, I have discovered, is the writing. (It is also the worst part, but that's another story.) And this is true, I think, for every skill or profession.
The easiest way to become something special is also the fastest: Just start doing it. Don't wait for the "right" time. Don't worry about not being qualified. And don't worry about getting paid for it. Just start doing it.
You want to become a musician? Start playing that piano.
You want to become a philanthropist? Start investing your money.
You want to become a basketball player? Start shooting those hoops.
Don't spend another minute talking about what you will do... one day.
Well spoken. The "one day" never does come, there is only today.

I agree.  The best part of being a writer is the writing.  Also, the worst part sometimes. 

My father told me much the same thing - "You want to be a writer?  Write". 

I truely believe with my heart and spirit and as a Christian writer, poet, self-publishing author, that my writing impacts many who are cultural inlinked with the expression of compassionate, loving, uplifting words of hope. There's a desire, of hope, peace, love from mankind. And to read about this rather through poems, a story, or ones own life. It's a blessing and learning experience. At the same time, as Christian for me it's sharing of the spirit and trials and tributions of single spirit. How they overcome so much and to make thus far, and for someone that has never had any type peace, love, much less a life that was normal. It would a instrumental, beneifical for them mentally and or physically. And realize, they aren't alone, they deserve love. I love giving of my spirit and this satifies that over flow to minister to others in a postive and loving way through the one thing that taking for granted to someone that never heard it.
Your intent sounds wonderful but why do you feel that you have to place so much attention on being Christian? Does your work aim at converting others or is it aimed at providing life lessons regardless of their beliefs? Just curious.
I know that I cannot singlehandedly change the world or anyone in it. I hope that I can make an impact on others, in a possitive way, through the words that I write. I believe that if you plant a seed and water it, it will grow. Words are like seeds, they produce thoughts and ideas, they grow and produce fruit, and the end result of words, will be acknowleded by those who read them.
Nicely said, Donna but you are wrong on one account-"I cannot singlehandedly change the world or anyone in it." Unless you are from planets unknown you are in this world and it sounds like you have perhaps changed you! When you change, the world does change. It becomes a little brighter, a little easier to see and a little better to tolerate.
Truly, we only really can change ourselves an in so doing we alter the threads in the tapestry. In fact, the only way to change the world is to change the way we see it. If we live in a positive way, that vibration is spread in each direction and the song becomes a little bit sweeter.
Hi Lynn. As you find your peace in mind, body and spirit you provide the example for those who follow. We are in changing times and the lessons of people like yourself will help light the way for others to follow.
Phillip, I too give my thanks for starting this group.

I agree with your statement completely one person is so important to the whole taperstry and knowing so helps you to live up to the image that God sees when He looks at your heart.

The Taperstry Chronicles series that I'm writing deals exactly with this subject; all books tie back to my first release- Born with Power of the Divne. We all play an important role in the lives of others and I believe that's why Jesus answered the scribe who questioned his knowledge about the greatest commandment of all with the direct answer of love God first, your neighbors second and there is nothing greater. (St. Mark 12:29-31)

As you stated the vibration that illuminate from the individual spreads through the entire world.
My father worked (He's a general contractor) for a lady who at one time had been a manager of one of Portland, Oregon's larger book stores. She told us the shelves of her store had been filled with books written by people who thought every word they wrote was precious. These people actually thought their words were a wonder to behold. I sort of thought the same thing until I found the delete button. This partucular function on my computer spares the world from a good portion of the lousy stuff I have written.

I have a site on Gather, a social network. They give points for articles and comments. It's amazing how folks will allow themselves to say things just for the sake of points. Fortunately, I have learned my place in the the wide world of writing. I am so thankful for the title, PULP FICTION !!! That catagory keeps me centered, so to speak. I have nothing profound to say so why bother trying. I do have several more serious articles out on the net, but certainly nothing of any great consequence. I'm comfortable with that. I only wish others would achieve that state.


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