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Night of the Beast; A True Paranormal Investigation

Chapter 1
The Night of the Beast
Timing was crucial. It was the third full moon of the new year, a time to gain power for initiates, a time to replenish powers for the acolytes and the Overlord who presided over the ceremony called the Night of the Beast, a ceremony lasting three weeks. All clad in
black robes, thirteen priests gathered in a grotto within miles of Robert Dirscherl‘s home. The Overlord held a branch in his hand and drew a large, inverted pentagram in the dusty, Florida earth. At the eastern point, facing west, was a makeshift altar fashioned from weathered wood. Hanging from the altar were shackles and chains.
Police had found such ceremonial spots in Pasco County just north of Dirscherl‘s home in Dunedin, Florida and were baffled. Behind the altar was an inverted Cross. Two priests, their hands still bathed
in the blood of the slaughtered beast that symbolized Satan, hung the animal by its cloven feet, upside down.
The blood began dripping.
The ceremony was called to order. The thirteen-priest coven began walking counterclockwise around the inverted symbol at their feet, slowly, chanting in the parlance of Satan himself. As each of them neared the hanging goat and dripping blood, each hoped a drop would fall on him. That would be powerful magic;
one chosen by the dark ruler himself.
One was chosen by a bit of blood falling on his forehead. The Chosen One was taken to the altar and shackled. With a ceremonial dagger, the priest cut the Chosen One from the throat to the pelvic
bone, much like an autopsy. The heart, symbolically holding the life-source, was cut out and placed in a cauldron. The eyes were removed to enable the remaining priests to see the future. Blood is
drained. All of this was added to the cauldron, along with urine from the remaining twelve, and a blasphemous wine, the blood of His blood, is created. Then, the participants drank it, imbibing the
power of life, the strength of future visions, and the vitality of blood.
Thus, under the third full moon of 1977, beginning at midnight of March the 6th, began the Night of the Beast ceremony that would last for three weeks.¹ The blood kept falling.

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