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Sunbelievable--Children's Picture Book. Hardcover

Sunbelievable—a humorous, educational children’s picture book (ages 4-8/PreK-3). To help her younger sister Leen fall asleep at bedtime, YaYa spins hilarious tales about the Sun riding roller coasters and taking bubble baths! Leen invents her own clever story twists. The storytelling bridges science with the sisters' wondrous imagination and curiousity. Magical landscapes combine real children with digital effects that make the story come alive. Facts about the real Sun are contributed by NASA’s Chief Technologist. Size: 10"x10". Hardcover. Dust Jacket. Side Sewn. Eco-friendly. Printed in the USA. By Jo Ann Kairys and Daniel Kairys, MD. Illustrated by Jo Ann Kairys and Frank Thompson. ISBN: 978-0-9826998-2-9

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