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A novel, suitable for young adults,teens and children 10+. There is no strong language or offensive content in this book. An adventure/fantasy in time and space. It is the 5th century and Merlin is twelve years old. He must flee for his life. His grandfather the King of Wales has been murdered. Queen Mab the greatest of all the black witches is after Merlin, and finally puts a curse on him condemning him to roam the universe, never to return to Earth. Merlin and his two young companions from the future, encounter strange creatures and even stranger worlds on their journey through space and time. From the far distant future to the past when the world was a ball of molten lava and uninhabitable they must roam, with danger lurking at every turn can they survive? With Mab harassing them at every opportunity. Is Merlin’s magic powerful enough to overcome Mab’s curse or will he forever roam the dark wastes of space?

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Location: Australia


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