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Sonia Novick
  • Female
  • Las Vegas NV
  • United States
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Something About Me and My Book:
I am in the process of submitting my book to several publishing houses and in the process of desiring to connect with an Publishing Agent that can lead the way into Hay House publishing, if anyone here knows this person and would like to share this info please contact me.

I have had 5 people read a few chapters of my book and every single one has stated they can't put the book down and can't wait till it is in print.

So a referral to a source like this would be fantastic...
Here is a bit about the book:
Hello welcome to all you!!!

We are as our little one calls us The "Avatar Group Consciousness" it is a good name she has chosen for us, for where we come from there is no names, there is no time continuum as you experience it and there is certainly no polarity as you experience it in your time continuum in your reality or existence in your beautiful planet in ascension...

We are here to serve, to honor your diversity, you are like the flowers as diverse as the universes and as complex as the stardust you emerged from...

We have come here into your time continuum through this beautiful being we call our "little one", "Sonia" a direct descendent of Isis in your time continuum, and in her home planet here place of creation where she was seeded from she is of Nobility if you like. Little one is our endearing name for her, for her energy frequency or vibrational frequency is bigger than your solar system and many other galaxies combined. So in a play of words we call her our "little one" and anyone that has come in direct contact with her and recognizes her for who she truly is, is for a lack of better words grateful to have crossed paths with her physical form as we are.

We must introduce our patron first and foremost for without her bringing us forth into your consciousness and awareness, to deliver these messages we have been delivering through the ages with different beings that have chosen to incarnate into physical form like our "little One" we would have difficulty in communicating with all of you that are ready to raise your frequency to new and higher octaves of reality and existence.

She is our messenger our prophet if you like, she has acquiesced to our call and very kindly and with no byes of her own has permitted us to come through her, allowing us to bring our message forth. it is her choice to vacate if you like her physical body when we come through for the sole propose of allowing the information to come forth unfiltered by her experiences or by her EGO as we believe someone coined this phrase
This is a personal choice on her part due to the fact that she is as all of you are working through the process of ascension and letting go of the EGO, so in order no to interfere or to color our message with her self identity on earth she has chosen to vacate her body when we come in to deliver our information, our knowledge and wisdom as our "little one' refers to this frequency we bring froth to all of you as a higher dimensional frequency of understanding that she is learning form as well as you, in her earthly form but in her higher self form she is one of us.

So we are ever thankful to our "Little One" for allowing this interaction and for the choices she is making in being a clear and unobstructed channel for our vibrational frequency range of understanding.

I am here to get my Book pubished by Hay House, then get my upcoming "movie" about my Near Death Experiences and Out of Body Experiences and the Paranormal Phenomenon

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I hope you enjoy all that I have put here and an opportunity to get to know one another better.Come join me here its AMAZING AND THERE ARE NO COINCIDENCES...

Come join me on my Radio Show @ - Beyond The Living-OBE Every Tuesdays at 6:00pm PST and 9:00pm EST

Come join our chat room or web cam and who knows what magic will come from all this, lets explore the possibilities of coming to my show...Blessings to you,

follow BeyondTheLiving at

"I am God in Human existence a galactic activation portal - I am the threshold to all dimensions".

What you think about, what you fear most, conscious or unconscious, will, indeed, become a reality weather you like it or not. So Be a deliberate Creator, and transform your fears into Divinity so you may have your desired outcome.

"I am in physical form in this Magnificent Leading Edge Experience ascending my consciousness to embodying The Divine Feminine into physical form".

My life experiences have cultured me, funned me, loved me, sensitized me, en-passioned me, in-visioned me, illuminated me, enlightened me, compassioned me, expanded me, awakened me into existence.


My name is Sonia Novick I’m originally from Mexico City born and raised, so I consider myself Mexican first and thereafter part of the global community. I am a Trans-Channel, an author, life coach, mentor, and Internet Radio Show host personality with Real Coaching Radio…

Video with Sonia in action

I have been gifted with telepathic, some telekinetic abilities, remote viewing abilities, I am able to speak to people that have passed away. I am a Trans-Channel, I channel a group of Celestial beings I call “The Avatar Group Consciousness” "AN EMBODIMENT, A BODILY MANIFESTATION OF THE DIVINE." comprised of Ascended Masters, Archangels, and celestial beings that have never been embodied and are not in physical form from a much higher octave of frequency. (Very similar to Esther Hicks in the movie and book “The Secret” who Channels Abraham.)

I have been astral traveling since I can remember.

I have retained all my memories from the other side, and many previous lifetimes with full awareness of my existence before arriving here in physical form. I have lived through 2 near death experiences, where I actually died and was resuscitated.

Since I was 5 years old my family called me a little brujita = witch due to my psychic telekinetic, and tele-transportation abilities, in my culture this was very acceptable, since the world of the supernatural is so much more a natural part of the fiber of the native indigenous Mexican culture.

For the past 40 some years of my adult life I have been preparing for this moment in being an Illuminated Influencer, a mentor and teacher to these higher realms of consciousness,
a Trans-Channel for "The Avatar Group Consciousness, as an out of body trainer, dimensional traveling guide, and a self realized galactic being.

I was born with these gifts and talents as everyone else has these gifts the difference is that I have chosen to develp these talents.

Now I am being called to step into the light and share this knowledge and Illumination with the world, all this is happening due to my willingness to kneel as well as the Ascension process this planet is undergoing right now and beyond 2012, so 144,000+ of us are being called to step up to the plate sort to speak to illuminate ourselves and thereafter this planet.

My passions in life, is to expand peoples consciousness as well as their awareness of who they really are, and why they are here.

This is one of the many reasons I joined Real Coaching Radio to share my mission, story, my knowledge of what is waiting for us beyond the living beyond 2012 and to connect with a team of illuminated influencers within all communities, transmuting and transforming our lives and those we touch…

Why I am here is to serve: This is my MISSION in ASCENSION UNIVERSITY where peoples consciousness can expand and express itself freely beyond this realm or reality into it's Divine multifaceted beingness as well as being a communication channel for “The Avatar Consciousness Group” "AN EMBODIMENT, A BODILY MANIFESTATION OF THE DIVINE." to come through and share their wisdom and their insights from another higher dimensional level of existence in the Non-Physical realms to enhance your consciousness and awareness, so you may if you choose achieve a higher realm of joy, and inner peace though this process of transforming living by moving into your fears, transmuting them into Divine Illumination, Pure Consciousness. This is our MISSION in creating ASCENSION UNIVERSITY where peoples consciousness can expand and express itself freely beyond this realm or reality into it's Divine multifaceted beingness nature.

Get updates on current radio shows on my main Web Site:

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At 4:27pm on August 8, 2009, Markus Klinger said…

I am always blessed to see you! God bless you Sonia! :-)
At 12:51pm on April 27, 2009, Michael John McCann said…
Thank you. I look forward to going to your site. Very interesting. Best.
At 12:38am on April 15, 2009, John Kremer said…
Welcome to the Book Marketing Network. Join in some discussions, post a blog or video, schedule an event, make some friends. I think you'll enjoy it here.

John Kremer, book marketing expert


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