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James Michener Didn't Have One, Either

James Michener Didn’t Have One, Either


I just finished reading   “The Shocking Slaughter of Africa’s Wildlife” in the UNESCO Courier (A publication of The United Nations Education Scientific and Cultural Organization).  Destruction of the animals’ natural habitats is described in tragic detail.

     We’ll take the girls before it’s gone, I decided.  A few weeks later the five of us were on the plane to South Africa.  (The five: my husband,…


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Silent Partner Took Home the Silver!

I’m very honored that SILENT PARTNER won the 2011 SILVER AWARD for BEST in SUSPENSE at Reader’s Favorite.  Thank you!  Congratulations to all winning authors!

This story was a very special project and close to my heart.

Here’s a recent blog post about this book:…


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How Many Characters Do You Kill in a Thriller Novel?

I’ve had this question posed to me recently and I actually had to stop and really think about it. 

How many characters are too many to kill off in a thriller novel? 

Is there a minimum number of murders to a thriller novel?

My first answer was… I’m not really sure.  I don’t think there is a special number of appropriate deaths for thriller or suspense…


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Series, yeah, Trestle Press has those!

I am undoubtedly an oldhead. I can remember so far back that people used to write on stone tablets, animal skins and then on parchment paper. My point in this is that I also remember reading stories like the Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, The Executioner, The Death Merchant, Nick Carter and Encyclopedia Brown. Every week when I went to the library I would try to find a new installment in a series I was following and just enjoy it, devour it and look forward to the next or perhaps finding a new one…


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"This New System has People Tweeting for You-Check it out!"


Totally Tweetable has combined everything that is working online today and made it into a simple one click system that you can join for free and start using today.  This is a great tool to add to your arsenal for marketing your publications or updating your followers.

Check it out through the link below.

Have a wonderful day.

Julie Grace



Totally Tweetable

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Jeff Abbott’s “Adrenaline” giveaway contest it continues due to the Hurricane

I have been away from the internet it seems like forever, but in reality just since last Friday, and in this day and age that is forever isn’t it? Thankfully the novels I have to giveaway have survived the hurricane and tornado that breezed by; I put them up in a safe place, and now I need to bring this contest and giveaway to a fun and fulfilling end. I have 5 of Jeff Abbott’s “Adrenaline” novels to give out and am looking forward to making some people happy.

To that end, just do a…


Added by Giovanni Gelati on August 31, 2011 at 11:18am — No Comments

Help kids understand the 10th anniversary of 9/11

Help kids understand the 10th anniversary of 9/11

Added by Max Elliot Anderson on August 31, 2011 at 7:06am — No Comments



Internationally Bestselling author Brad Thor and Big Daddy Abel author of the bestselling selling and highly rated Amazon Kindle Open Mic series will be my guests this Thursday, September 1st starting at 4.30pm EST. Brad Thor’s latest bestseller is “Full Black”, while BDA is currently working on two projects: ”Open Mic Volume 5 and the sequel to “Edge of Cataclysmic”.

For the few of you that are unfamiliar with Brad Thor’s work here is a little about him:



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My $.99 ebooks sale.

For the next month all four of my novels in e-book format are on sale for $.99 each, then they'll return to their regular price of $2.99.


THE USURPER: a political thriller

Gary Jackson is raised to hate. Hate the United States, its…


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Robert Browne "The Paradise Prophecy"

Just to make sure I touch the bases with this and do this incredible novel justice, I just want to make sure that you know I did have a Q&A with this author on my blog last week. Feel free to hit the archives from last week and enjoy the read, he gave some really good answers to my questions; basically he did the best he could with what I threw at him. He hit all the questions out of the park for home runs; I wanted to post that before my take on his work. I was hoping to gain more…


Added by Giovanni Gelati on August 30, 2011 at 4:57pm — No Comments

No Innocent Affair By: Edward F. Mrkvicka Jr. with Kelly Helen Mrkvicka

Title: No Innocent Affair By: Edward F. Mrkvicka Jr. with Kelly Helen Mrkvicka

ISBN # 978 -1- 61777-768-4

Review Date: August 28, 2011

Reviewed by: Christian Book Reviews

10.0 stars on a scale of 10.0 stars

No Innocent Affair by Edward F. Mrkvicka Jr. with Kelly Helen Mrkvicka takes a look at the plague of the…

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The Hand of God and My “Status”

Hello everybody! Yes, I am still alive and so are my wife and kids. A “Funny” thing happened on the way to experiencing an earthquake, a hurricane and a tornado all in the span of four days. Why is that “Funny”? Well let’s see, I can really write pages on this subject. In fact I have, and they are in the able hands of Big Daddy Abel the guy that let me jazz with him on “The Edge of Cataclysmic”. The Author’s Lab/Collaboration story just wrote itself for me. I started with the flood we had in…


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"Bader Field; How my Family Survived Suicide" has gone viral. It is now available worldwide on the iPad in the Apple iBookstore! For less than $10 you can download my latest book instantly and take it with you anywhere.  Now everyone can have this important work without waiting for it to arrive in the mail.

I am on a mission to save lives with my experience by taking the darkest days of my life and doing something of benefit… Continue

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"Bader Field" Has a New Subtitle!

"Bader Field; How My Family Survived Suicide" is the new title.  We decided some time ago that adding the subtitle would give the prospective reader a startling glimpse into what lurked between the covers.

Added by Carl David on August 30, 2011 at 7:19am — No Comments

Getting Back Into Writing vs A Guilty Pleasure

The other week, having exhausted all other avenues for publicising my work, I suggested to my husband we have a reality television show to publicise my novels.  He said, 'It would be a pretty boring show.'  He's right.  But that does not stop anybody else from having one, does it?  And unlike most people who have reality TV shows, I'm pretty certain I'm not an oxygen-thieving waste of space. 


I've not long completed the first draft of my next novel, but I've put it in…


Added by Simone Clare Bailey on August 30, 2011 at 5:20am — No Comments

21st Century Parenting with Clayton Paul Thomas

If you are looking for guidance on how to improve your already great parenting skills to be even better, then this episode is for you! Author Clayton Paul Thomas will be…


Added by Johnny Tan on August 29, 2011 at 3:16pm — No Comments

Nazareth Child

By Darrell James


Bond server Del Shannon, is recruited to go undercover with ATFE agent Frank Falconet to find a missing FBI agent at a religious compound in the rural Kentucky town of Nazareth Church. Coincidentally, this assignment…


Added by Stephen L. Brayton on August 29, 2011 at 11:59am — No Comments

Hard Work is Another Phrase for Writing Children's Books!


Yep, I’ll admit it.  Hard work.  That’s what it is.  You have to think as a child, put yourself in a child’s place and always be aware of the child within yourself.  That’s the tricky bit.


 And then, of course, once you’ve decided on a wonderful, fun and thought provoking plot, one thousands of kids will want to buy and keep forever, it’s time to put together that puzzle called a children’s book.  It needs to be fewer than one thousand words and less really with the…


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   You are my Father, my Redeemer, the Light unto my path, my Rock, my Fortress, my all conquering KIng of Kings, You are my Salvation.  You are my Provider.  You are my very breath.  You are my Love and Compassion. You are my Virtue.  You are my Honesty.  You are my Forgiveness.  You are the wind, you are the snow covered mountain tops.  You are the inner habits of every living creature.  You are the sun and the moon.  You are the vast oceans.  You are the green grass and beautiful…


Added by Randolph Nicholas Alvis on August 29, 2011 at 9:00am — 2 Comments

The Difference Between Face-to-Face and Online

The Difference Between Face-to-Face and Online

Added by Max Elliot Anderson on August 29, 2011 at 7:56am — No Comments

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