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School days, and pleeeeeze buy my books!

So.  Tonight's the big night.  School reunion - thirty years since Year 10.  Hoo boy.  I didn't get to do all those tummy crunches I planned in order to slim down.  I was actually a somewhat hot-bodied teenager.  I guess I'm passable as a middle-aged woman.  Tonight the big questions will be answered: Who got fat?  Who went bald?  Who had a sex change?  Now, what I'm fantasing about is that my old classmates will rock up with copies of my novels for me to autograph.   Pie-in-the-sky pipe…


Added by Simone Clare Bailey on September 30, 2011 at 8:28pm — No Comments

Clone Zone Cody Toye The Author's Lab/Collaboration series

Cody Toye has a way with fantasy/paranormal/ sci-fi/horror. He has done it with his series “Intangibles” and he brings those skills to bear here in “Clone Zone”. The digital short story is quick, furious, and rampaging. This is the 24th installment in The Author’s Lab/Collaborations series and it is a barnburner. Surprisingly the cast of characters is small yet many, basically because they all look like the same person. This story is under consideration to become its own…


Added by Giovanni Gelati on September 30, 2011 at 1:02pm — No Comments

New Book “The 4 Essentials: A Path to Success & Happiness”

Lessons learned in classrooms or even through work experience are extremely important.  That said, those learned outside the classroom or boardroom — the real-world essentials — are critical to success as well.  In his new book, The 4 Essentials: A Path to Success and Happiness, successful entrepreneur Cliff Michaels brings to life what he calls a Real-World MBA, a Master’s in Basic Abilities.


In The 4…


Added by Crystal T on September 30, 2011 at 10:41am — No Comments

Do You Want Grass With That Bacon?

Do you want Grass with that bacon”?


Port Talbot


Mission 8 


Story 8


The wind was blowing hard, the canvas snapped and strained as the rain beat down; I was half asleep listening to the howling wind when I heard a loud crack, the canvas went slack and began…


Added by Adrian L Hawkes on September 30, 2011 at 9:16am — No Comments

Virtual Zombie Walk

Discover more zombie stuff today than you can handle with the Virtual Zombie Walk. All you have to do is come onto my blog and see my zombie post and then there will be a list of links. Click on the next blog on the list and "walk" over there to see their zombie posting, then the next on the list and the next. There are over 50 participants this year. There will be zombie poems, zombie reviews, zombie recipes, zombie films, zombie short stories, and much more. Start here:…


Added by Vanessa Morgan on September 30, 2011 at 8:55am — No Comments

Regarding Gelati

No, it's not a delicious frozen treat for when you settle in with a good book.

I'm talking about Giovanni Gelati. Maybe you've heard of him? Trestle Press front man, anchor of the Author's Lab collaboration series, social media and internet marketing whiz. I wrote "A Prince in Trenton, Seriously?" with the guy. Yeah, that's him.

He has… Continue

Added by Mark Miller on September 30, 2011 at 7:02am — No Comments

Andrew Smith Guest Post

I grew up among bombed buildings and hearing stories from my parents about the difficultes of air raids, so it was little wonder I’d always wanted to write a novel with World War II as its theme. When I found out about the shameful and extraordinarily cruel internment of Italian men in 1940, I knew I had an amazing event around which to build a story. Internment of Italians happened in Britain, where I set the novel, but it also happened in the United States — California recently apologized…


Added by Giovanni Gelati on September 30, 2011 at 6:44am — No Comments

Mallory Petersen and Company

Beta book trailer:

Back in 1988, when I worked for radio station WKEI/WJRE in the self proclaimed “Hog Capital of the World” town of Kewanee, Illinois, one of my fellow broadcasters was named Gary Petersen. He was the first person I knew who spelled the surname with EN rather than ON. When I created my private investigator/martial artist, I gave a slight nod of admiration to Gary by… Continue

Added by Stephen L. Brayton on September 30, 2011 at 6:06am — No Comments

Nick, of Time - J. A. Carlton, Author

Nick, of Time - Review by Martha A. Cheves, Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat and Think With Your Taste Buds 

“…please, won’t somebody help me?” his voice barely touched the darkened space while he did his very best to… Continue

Added by Martha A. Cheves on September 29, 2011 at 6:30pm — No Comments

Greater Than the Sum

I have really been enjoying myself working on the "One" series. Thanks to Giovanni, I have had the opportunity to explore my own thoughts, but also work with my father as a writer.

With October only a… Continue

Added by Mark Miller on September 29, 2011 at 6:30pm — No Comments

Layton Green "The Egytian"

I am noticing a trend here, each of Layton Green’s titles have two words in them. First there was “The Summoner” and now “The Egyptian”. Personally I don’t really care; I just enjoy the main character in both, the Dominic Grey, wait that was three words. Okay enough joking around. Layton Green’s novels are infused with common things, science, extremes, and action. A nice formula. There seems to be no middle ground.. What his formula…


Added by Giovanni Gelati on September 29, 2011 at 6:04pm — No Comments

Coming This Fall - Man of God by Author Debra Diaz

Title: Man Of God

Author: Debra Diaz

Date Reviewed: September 26, 2011

Reviewed by: Christian Book Reviews

10.0 stars on a scale of 10.0 stars

“Man of God” by Debra Diaz, sequel to the her first epic novel, “Woman of Sin”, continues the adventure and saga of true love, dedication, perseverance, romance, undying love for family and for Christ. Beautifully and masterfully written, author Debra Diaz, delights the reader with her descriptive…

Added by CBM Christian Book Marketing on September 29, 2011 at 2:30pm — No Comments

Write it Right made Amazon's Top 100

Write it Right - Tips for Authors is on Amazon's Top 100 in Reference Boooks.
Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #94,093 Paid in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Paid in Kindle Store)
#80 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Nonfiction > Education > Reference

Added by Mary Deal on September 29, 2011 at 10:08am — No Comments

An Inside look at S.L. Schmitz,author of the new Cliffhanger Series with Trestle Press; "MIna's Daughter..The Harker Chronicles"

I love S.L. Schmitz's work! She has a new digital short story series with Trestle Press called "Mina's Daughter..The Harker Chronicles". Volume one just released and she will have a new installment in the series on the 15th of each month. If you enjoy a well told tale or are into Vampires, Werewolves and Steampunk, this is it for you.Grab it and go for the ride.Here is a Q&A for you to get a better feel for the author: 

1) Let it Bleed, I feel, can be read on two levels. Am I…


Added by Giovanni Gelati on September 29, 2011 at 6:19am — No Comments

Davis Bunn “Lion of Babylon”

Bethany House is the publisher of this novel and they do an excellent job of producing a rich, multi-layered story. I have not had the pleasure of reading a Davis Bunn novel before, but very quickly I have become a fan of his writing. “Lion of Babylon” is a look at Iraq and Iran through the eyes and hearts of a variety of characters painting a picture that is surreal, consuming and confusing. The viewpoints hop around from character to character and give all sides of the dilemmas that plague…


Added by Giovanni Gelati on September 28, 2011 at 1:42pm — No Comments

New Short Story Collection

In lieu of the upcoming release of Containment Room Seven by Permuted Press, my new short story collection Whispers From The Dark is being released now!  It's up on Smashwords in Ebook form now for only 2.99, and the Kindle and print versions will be coming very soon. 

You can check it out here:

Or on my website at…


Added by Bryan Hall on September 28, 2011 at 1:36pm — No Comments

Book Authors: Success Story on Giving Away Free Books

A Marketing Activity that Worked Wonders for My Book Sales: Giving Away Free Books

I have given away a number of copies of my book, Come Back Early Today. This has had three direct beneficial results.

1. Several friends of people I gave books to purchased copies for themselves. For example, I gave a copy of my book to my vet and five of her staff members immediately ordered copies.

2. Some people who got free books subsequently… Continue

Added by John Kremer on September 28, 2011 at 6:30am — No Comments

Karen Anna Vogel “Wedding Season-Volume 2 Amish Knitting Circle”

Just because I read plenty of digital short stories , novellas and full length novels that have plenty of horror, thriller , suspense, death and mayhem undertones does not mean that I can’t take a back seat from that and enjoy a nice wholesome read on the Amish folks I so do enjoy. Okay, I like their cooking, but so many other people.

Karen Anna Vogel’s writing for me is unique and has a viewpoint and narrative that I have come to quickly enjoy. Her take on the “Plain” people is…


Added by Giovanni Gelati on September 28, 2011 at 6:18am — No Comments

Jochem Vandersteen "Find Her" Volume 1 of the "Mike Dalmas" digital short story series

“Find Her” marks the birth of a new digital short story new series and a new action character I really enjoy. Mike Dalmas is the character that Jochem Vandersteen has created and the universe in which he places him is interesting and dynamic. The setting is something like middle class suburbia, yet not, but the action and the hero seemed all too real and cut from today’s headlines.

Mike Dalmas is an ex-Special forces type but with a twist; the guy actually has a wife and kids and has…


Added by Giovanni Gelati on September 27, 2011 at 5:18pm — No Comments

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