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The Announcement: Village Authors Now on

Please, take a moment and read!

First, we are authors.

Since our inception, we at and iFOGO Village have been dedicated to doing all we can to encourage and assist authors in the promotion of themselves and their works. We devote a lot of time and energy, and do so from pure… Continue

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Invaluable Web Site Speed Tips From iFOGO Village

Gene Cartwright


iFOGO Village




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Oops! Out of Time.

Today, for reasons I have yet to determine, my late, paternal grandmother weighs heavily upon my already ultra-engaged mind. Malinda Cartwright was a force of nature - a "piece of work" to be sure. This East Texas-born mother of nine, born in 1889, remained mentally sharp, enjoyed near 20-20 vision, and had all but two of her original teeth when she died at at the age of 104. Until the end, she was… Continue

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"My Mother's Voice"

Today is my late mother's birthday. The following poem, at the beginning of my novel, 'Half Moon, Full Heart,' is my tribute.

I am often asked how, given my background in engineering (BSEE in another life), I came to write. I respond by blaming/crediting the fact I was born at the right address in a small Texas town: my mother and father lived and loved there. Except for that fact, my life may have been woefully different. My dear mother taught me to read at the age of… Continue

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Book Promotion: A Big Idea With Little Cost

You've seen it: Book-marketers and promoters offering "final opportunities" grab a great book promotion for "$1500.00" off the regular price. I've seen these and thought: "Wow, no way I can pass up a deal like that." Right.

Well here's a book promotion opportunity you truly cannot afford to pass up.

Here's Book Promotion You Can Use… Continue

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Insane, Outrageous & Outstanding!

You May Call Us Nuts;

your eyes may even pop from their sockets but we’re doing it anyway. Doing what? Thanks for asking: We're giving away money and opportunity to a select few serious authors.

First, thank you Premium Authors, John Kremer,… Continue

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Our Deepest, Most Sincere Apology!

We at Owe an Apology

to everyone who visited our 'Landing Page' at within the past two weeks. Why? Because you have not been able to enjoy the highly praised intro that is now visible to those using Internet Exploder...ah, Explorer (IE).

What we failed to do, which we normally always do, is… Continue

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So, Why Aren't You A Huge Success?

Sign of Success?

So, why aren’t you a huge success?

What’s taking so damn long for your “ship” to come in? You’re certainly gifted, hardworking, devoted, smart, and all that. You’re much smarter, and better at what you do than most of the lucky SOBs with a sh _ _pot full of money for displaying half-as _ _ed talent. So, what’s the deal? “Whassup?” Well, perhaps the question does not apply to you. I pose it to stir… Continue

Added by Gene Cartwright on July 9, 2009 at 7:30am — 6 Comments

Authors With Non-Author Skills to Market

Loose the complete you! Authors may now market their non-author skills on iFOGO Village.

While you are a dedicated author, are you also a secret Da Vinci, Edison, P.T. Barnum, Versacé, Michelangelo, etc.? What are you waiting for?

It will surprise few to know that many of you have skills and talents that go beyond writing great books. So, we want to have… Continue

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Your Book Cover as an E-Card

As I mentioned in my blog post, "Does God Have Caller I.D.?", we authors must employ every legitimate, book-marketing tool available. What if you could send your book jacket as an e-card as often as you wish, with no limitations? Now you can.

Here is a great idea:…


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Does God Have Caller I.D.?

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Okay, I'm not being sacrilegious here, just posing a question to be considered by both true believers and dedicated agnostics and atheists. There is no doubt, being a truly devoted pursuer of dreams, whether as an author or creative/artistic professional, requires a strong measure of belief in one's self, and perhaps even a 'higher power.'

For those who have taken to their knees, on occasion or… Continue

Added by Gene Cartwright on July 1, 2009 at 12:00pm — 1 Comment

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