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$2.99 for the whole PI

PIOUS is now available for immediate download to your Kindle for only $2.99! You could be reading Kenn Bivins' breakout novel in minutes and seeing for yourself what all of the acclaim is about. And all for much less than the price of a cup of a grandé soy caramel macchiato dusted with cinnamon. Mmmmm – PIOUS.

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join the conversation about PIOUS

There's a conversation about my novel, PIOUS, going on. If you've read the book, join in. If you haven't, GET IT NOW and join the discussion.

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chapter six, Christmas, and PIOUS

(chapter 6 excerpt from PIOUS, a novel by Kenn Bivins)


Carpious had seen many Christmas Eves — forty-five in fact — but most of his adult life was absent of the naïveté and excitement that can come from a child whose unlimited imagination swells with Christmas Day anticipation. Carpious and Sydney had previously discussed sharing Christmas festivities at Carpious’ house to Solomon’s glee. Several brightly wrapped gifts of varying…


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how's the book doing? - a thank you

Last night, I attended a Christmas Holiday party with former co-workers and one glaring and consistent greeting that I got was, "How's the book doing?" The book in question is my debut novel, PIOUS, which was widely released October 1. Initially, I was elated to remark how the book is selling seemingly well, according to the activity of reviews and retailer reorders but I won't have any…


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PIOUS reviewed. Again and again.

If you haven't treated yourself to my debut novel, PIOUS... maybe you should.
See what the critics and book lovers are saying.

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Win a signed copy of PIOUS!

Hailed as "caress and a punch," PIOUS is a page-turner of a tale about an esteemed man who is confronted with all that he has tried to hide of his past when his ex-wife reappears and a registered sex-offender moves into his neighborhood.

ENTER FOR A CHANCE TO WIN A SIGNED COPY! Giveaway ends December 6.

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the Celebrity Editor interviews the author of PIOUS

Donna Marie Williams, the Celebrity Editor, interviews Kenn Bivins about PIOUS and marketing plans. Read the extensive and informative article here.

Learn more about and get your own copy of PIOUS here.

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