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It’s been a very long time since I have updated this blog, I was at one time, very active at this site while I was trying to market my 1st novel, “SCHLEP” as a “micro-published” novel that I was, essentially, doing myself. Although still an advocate of this self-publishing model, I must admit my worldwide sales of this novel number less than 1,000 copies and I am too creatively engaged to simply keep pimping the same novel over and over. I made a choice at the first of this year…


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Ninety-nine thousand seven hundred and twelve, what does that mean? Is that the number of copies of “SCHLEP

I’ve sold so far? Is it the number of days I have left on the planet? Is it how

much my own personal debt is or is it the amount of my total net worth? It

could be the number of things that I’m Grateful for or it might be the number



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The High Road Home (Excerpt from "SCHLEP" by d'Philip Chalmers)

There’s an exit off of the Interstate just past Grand Island, Nebraska where there is nothing there. You get off the not very busy Interstate and there is just a long, lonely road that

goes into the deep dark night to the north and south. We made a right, heading

south, and drove for a little while until we came to a clearing next to the

road where there…


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My Ever Expanding Market

August is here and it’s time to push this book harder so I am trying to reach an expanded

distribution network which would include big box retailers like B&N and

Borders; to reach this goal I need to sell about 50 more books before September

1st and I will qualify to be listed in the available on-line books.

This means that you (or any…


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The First Interview

This is a recent interview I did with a guy named Matt Kissane. He has a fairly popular local webisode show and featured this interview with me a week or so ago. I

know it’s not the most timely posting, but I’ve been away on…


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Local Press Coverage


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I know it’s been a while since I have updated this blog, but really I have been so busy with the proofing process and the publishing process that I don’t have time to

keep abreast at all the sites I’ve been blogging and bragging on…I realized

that I forgot to post something here about THE PRE-SALE of the book available

through my website at…


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The Weight of The Wait

I am on the second set of proofs for my new book, “SCHLEP” and we’re almost done with the re-writes and proofing process. I ordered three copies of the proof and presently have three copy-editors reading through the book looking for any and all mistakes, inconsistencies and other errors. I want this, my first published book, to be as perfect as possible. I motivate myself by thinkg of The Beatles and would they have let an album come out if every track was not absolutely the best perfect they… Continue

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Chicago-an excerpt from my novel "SCHLEP"

Chicago. That’s where this road begins, that’s where my story starts, Chicago, Illinois. The city dangles on the lower neck of the Great Lakes like a glorious shining jewel. Its magnificent mile of towering steel and glass, the mix of concrete, green space and the lakefront make Chicago a Mecca on the Midwestern plains. Rising from the cornfields to the west, rising from the ashes of the past, this 21st century city is constantly reinventing, rebuilding, redoing itself until, someday, it will… Continue

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The Weight of The Wait

This is the hardest part, I swear, the wait. More difficult than writing the book, more tedious than editing it, there is more anxiety for me now while I wait, do nothing but wait for the second set of proofs to come back. I received notice on Tuesday that the books were shipped, but I have not received them yet. Once they come back, we go through another round of proofing, looking for any and all errors; if there are none (which I hope), the book will go into production immediately and be… Continue

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DATE: 04/01/10


AUTHOR: d’Philip Chalmers


“SCHLEP” is an epic road trip travel book which follows Izzy Koatz as he makes his annual trip along Route 66, to sell his ideas to Hollywood. Along the way, however, he meets Josie Wails, an 18 year old Zuni princess who helps Izzy see, through all his trials and tribulations during this crazy road trip, his own self worth is… Continue

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Working out some kinks...

Born in 1961, d’Philip is the father of three children, has been happily married for 15 years and lives in a suburb of Chicago, Illinois. He has dabbled with music, video and film; he has been a promoter, manager and producer. He even drove an 18 wheeler truck across country for a while, but always, throughout his life, d’Philip Chalmers has been a writer. “It’s what I do, it’s who I am, dig?” he is fond of saying, “I can’t help but write!”

A self admitted manic depressive, Chalmers walks… Continue

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National Novel Writing Month Contest

The National Novel Writing Month Contest is over, for me anyway. I completed my novel, all 62K+ words of it (280 page) and now I am going to set about publishing it; it’s my “Instant Karma” experience. In February of 1970 John Lennon wrote a song called “Instant Karma” and then he recorded it later the same day he wrote it; it was finished and released to public only ten days later and is considered one of the fastest releases of a pop song to this date (some 40 years later). That’s what this… Continue

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