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Voice of Conscience reviewed by Ellen Feld for Feathered Quill

There is much to recommend Voice of Conscience. Kaya has an easy writing style that quickly draws the reader into the rich world of Muslim culture. The first section of the book, before the murders, is replete with descriptive events of the villagers, including customs revolving around daily life, dealing with adversaries, as well as preparations for a wedding. The author carefully outlines the codes each member of a family must uphold through both good and bad times. More importantly, he never… Continue

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Voice of Conscience reviewed by Nancy Eaton for

The author does an excellent job with his descriptive writing. He not only describes his characters in great detail but also creates a picture for the reader about everything from what the family is eating to what traditions they might be following at that very moment. Behcet Kaya has created a protagonist that is so filled with feelings of revenge that life could not be normal even though he had everything one could want. I have read many books but have never experienced the great detailed… Continue

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Voice of Conscience reviewed Martha Jette

Revenge consumes the Soul in Voice of Conscience, July 14, 2008

By Martha Jette - See all my reviews

Thoughts of revenge can infest the brain, tear open the heart and consume the soul. Such is the case for 45-year-old Ramzi Ozcomert in Behcet Kaya's book "Voice of Conscience." Vivid memories and horrid dreams constantly took him back to a night of terror when he was just 14. His father, mother and soon-to-be-wed sister were so full of life one minute and then suddenly and… Continue

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Voice of Conscience reviewed by Bonnie Neely /

Excellent Read, Insights to Turkey, March 5, 2008

By Bonnie Neely

Voice of Conscience by Behcet Kaya is a novel which begins with the main character in Turkey, narrowly escaping being murdered along with the rest of his family just before his sister's wedding. The intrigue and plotting of revenge follow this young man as he grows up, falls in love with and American woman, moves to California, and becomes a very successful business man. The book gives beautiful descriptions of… Continue

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Voice of Conscience reviewed by Richard Blake

The Cycle, Sacrifice, and Cost of Revenge, January 8, 2008

By Richard R. Blake (San Leandro, CA)

Behcet Kaya in his first novel, "Voice of Conscience" writes from of a culture foreign to the understanding of most Western thinking. He writes of a culture steeped in traditions carried over from generations past, a culture where family pride demands revenge once insulted.

The story begins with a young boy, Ramzi Ozcomert Junior, who had to flee his home in a small… Continue

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Voice of Conscience reviewed by D.A. Vetter

Voice of Conscience is a haunting read. Rough hewn and awkward in places, it nonetheless delivers real nourishment for the thinking person to contemplate. And that's the problem. This book raises issues that we in the modern world, who enjoy the rule of law, don't have to deal with. I somehow wish the story could have ended differently, but given the protagonist's mind set, established in a culture far removed from our own, perhaps character is destiny.

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Voice of Conscience reviewed by Tracy Roberts / Write Field Services / March 15, 2008

One of the most important historical influences on literature is the classic Shakespearean Tragedy. Shakespeare's tragic heroes will be men of status and the misfortunes that transpire will be unexpected and extremely disastrous. The hero will suddenly fall from high status, honor, or happiness. We feel sympathy at the depths to which the hero is suddenly plummeted. As a result, the tragedy will be enormous. Such great suffering and misfortune will affect those he most cherishes. The principal… Continue

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Voice of Conscience reviewed by SCU Library For Review It! / Whorl Books 2/12/08

Voice of Conscience is an emotional journey from the shadowed heart of painful human experience to someplace that provides hope but without facade. As the reader follows the protagonist through changes and mistakes and wise choices the humanity is real and raw. It is an uncomforatble book because it occasionally makes you stop and think and even after closing its final pages, questions and ideas continue to haunt. A strong start for what will sure to be an important new voice. Due to some… Continue

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