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Now I'm Really Back

Sorry, folks, too much happening in the past ???? years. Two moves, illness and publishing so many books, and I've neglected too many important sites on line. Now I'm really back. Lots of new books are published now with World Castle Publishing, books for adults and teens, even a chapter book series. Three of my children's books and two YA historical novel are in the process of republication by a teen/'tween publisher in Arizona, Saguaro…


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I'm Back

As you can all see I have not been on this website in a while.  Well that is all about to change.  I have a new company called Dressing Your Book to market myself and my books.  That means there will be a lot more information coming out about my books and where I will be doing events, etc. so you can all come out and visit when you are in the area.  I look forward to hearing from you all and seeing you at the events I…


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Marketing and Public Relations

The bane of a writer's existence is the amount of time spent marketing her book. It takes time away from writing and can be a daunting task for someone who isn't technologically astute. Lots of people find it difficult to market yourself, which is what a writer must do to become known to readers. I finally bit the bullet and hired The World of Ink to do a two-week public relations on-line tour. They know the blog sites and where the on-line market is for my books. I will be posting a daily…


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Elitist Attitudes

Elitist attitudes toward self-publishing and POD or small press publishing is still rearing it's ugly head. Yes, there are a multitude of writers out there who should take up art or music instead, but they abound in traditional publishing, too. I'm sure many readers have opened a book published by one of the five major publishing houses and closed it after a few pages; badly written, boring, slow, poorly executed plot, editorial errors, ad infinitum, but nonetheless published. On the other…


Added by Fran Orenstein on November 17, 2010 at 10:14am — 2 Comments

Short Stories

Why is it so difficult to publish short story anthologies. Writers have been publishing short stories for centuries, yet I'm finding publishers reluctant to publish anthologies because they claim people don't read them. Of course it's always an eye to the bottom line, especially in this economy.

Why short stories? I always loved the stories of O'Henry because the endings were so surprising. The most famous sci fi authors wrote short stories…


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Ebook Wars

I just heard an interesting program this morning on NPR radio that Wylie, one of the leading and largest literary agencies now putting out classics on ebook with an exclusive with Amazon Kindle. It seems the publishing world is up in arms, angry both at Wylie for getting into the ebook business and at Amazon for once again grabbing a big bite of the market. It appears that publishers are now refusing to publish authors with Wylie.

The war…


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To all my friends out there in writing/publishing land. Sleepytown Press is a great publishing company and the publisher Randy Young is a terrific artist, writer and all-around good-guy. They are accepting submission in all genres except erotica. So check them out at

Sleepytown Press just released my newest 'tween book, THE MYSTERY UNDER THIRD BASE, an…


Added by Fran Orenstein on July 23, 2010 at 9:27am — 2 Comments


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